Impartial broadcasting — 16 Comments

  1. Its fucking stupid, How is it to be enforced?
    What bullshit! It would answer the Gubmint better to be getting the country back in order. Now I’m smoking, from my ears

  2. Cat – I’m very disappointed at our national broadcaster.  But then what else should I expect when we also have a national newspaper censoring any dissent at the smoking laws?

  3. You might also add Grandad, that Dr Luke Clancy is retained by Government here to advise them on nicotine replacement products, while being contracted to Pfizer to help them develop ……… nicotine replacement products.

    You couldn’t make this shit up !!!! 

  4. tt – It’s all for the sake of the wee chiiildren.  The little sods must never see a cigarette being smoked as they will instantly either become addicted or will drop dead. 

    John – That Clancy fellow is a slimy git.  He seems to permanently wear that supercilious smirk on his face.  If I had the cash I’d put a bounty on him!  😈

  5. …like comparing apples and canon balls.
    Well done GD, that surely conjures up a picture. Which particular canon did you have in mind?

  6. That is truly pathetic. And yes, it’s great how smokers in the clip are some anonymous faceless creeps, worthless being asked a question. And the in order to be interviewed you need to carry a baby.

  7. Stephen’s Green is surrounded on 4 sides by roads carrying very heavy traffic, and they worry about a few cigarettes !!

  8. I notice on TV news they are doing the same with fat people. Not showing their faces. Next thing will be blankets over heads.

  9. I hope you Irish returned the compliment and celebrated St. George’s Day yesterday. You know St. George? Brought the snakes into England.

  10. For some strange reason, this site suddenly started marking all the comments as spam.  Sorry about that!

    Snookertony – Heh!  I was referring to Canon O’Grady.  Balls of fucking steel  Either that or it is a typo….

    Perfideous – That is an excellent point.  However you must realise that cigarette smoke is like concentrated Sarin Gas, whereas exhaust fumes are completely harmless.  That’s the way the Antis seem to think anyway.

    tt – Of course I celebrated St George’s Day.  I drank a cup of tea, didn’t I?



  11. Jan M – There are quite a few of us scattered around the place, though for some strange reason this country is rather lacking in them.

    Dougal – How could I possibly argue against that?  They’d burn well too, with all that fat on ’em!

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