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  1. Blaze away Grandad Don’t let them get to you. They have nothing better to be doing except being irritating cunts. 

    By the way, another irritant is your “Leave a reply” spell checker suggests “Grandad” should be spelt as “Granddad” – Say it aint so….. 

  2. It’s damned difficult forgetting them when they spend their miserable petty little lives trying to annoy me.  Just remamber that old adage the could now start

    “They came for the smokers.  I’m not a smoker so I stood by and let them.

    Then they came for the drinkers……………”

    As for the spellchecker.  Fuckit if it doesn’t know how to spell such an important word.  I just checked and there is nothing I can do as it checks with websites apparently.  Cheap shit….

  3. Here in Florida I go to the roll your own shop.  I hand them an encoded card that has the blend I prefer, they mix it up and I run the tobacco and tubes through a machine and the result is 200 cigarettes with a price of $28.00.  It takes about 15 minutes from the time I walk into the store, but what the hell I’m retired and it’s not like I’m pressed for time.

     $28.00 is about half the price of the ready mades and it eliminates a lot of chemicals in the cigs.

    The nannys and the tax man can’t stand this so I don’t think this will last much longer.   


  4. Oldspook – Damn!  Just did a quick calculation – that would be around €21.  And what would we pay for the same quantity here? Would you believe €91?  And you wonder why I moan?

  5. GD as Jon Stewart said recently: When the Nazis came for the communists etc….  they left with them. Everything was out there. It wasn’t a metaphor fpr anything. This constant comparison with Nazi Germany on any chicken shit subject on right wing nut TV is getting tedious.

  6. As for the topic though: I have friends in Liverpool, England who have an “open all hours” corner shop. They are currently having installed, and having to pay for, a new (non) display cabinet installed to comply with new regulations.

  7. tt – As it happens, the Nazi comparison is entirely valid, on the subject of smoking.  They are the ones who invented [and yes, I do mean ‘invented’] the whole concept of second hand smoke or whatever you want to call it. 

    As for those wooden boxes – they are in every shop here as the law came in quite a while ago.  They look hideous, even in those shops that have tried to smarten them up a bit.

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