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  1. What I need now is a good night’s sleep.

    Slab – Funnily enough, I found the other elephant this evening.  He was in the bread bin behind a loaf of bread.  So the custard theory wasn’t too far wrong?

  2. Thanks everyone. 

    Sorry I can’t elaborate but it has become a subject that I just don’t want to even think about.

  3. Sorry to learn of something causing you pain. Strange how though we’ve never met and never will, hearing something causing you distress makes me feel sad.

  4. Marianne – I’m sorry about that!

    By way of explanation…………..

    On Tuesday I brought our Sandy to the vet for a checkup and vaccinations.  During the checkup, the vet found a lump she wasn’t too happy with so we booked Sandy in to have it removed.

    I brought her in yesterday, and the vet phoned later to say that they had x-rayed her and had found a series of other tumors and that an operation would be futile.  She’s at home now being spoiled rotten.

    I know that to some people a dog may not be that much on the grand scheme of things, but to me, she is a loyal faithful, loving, funny friend.  It isn’t going to be an easy summer.

  5. oh bugger, sorry to hear it Grandad,when we had pets they were always “family Members” 

    Poor Sandy 

  6. I was afraid that this is what it was about. I have had a pet sitting business for 13 years and have dear beloved pets of my own and losing them is awful. Yes they ARE your family and losing them is heart wrenching. To those who feel a dog isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things… well… perhaps that is true but there are many who will be deprived in this life of knowing and loving a pet. For that matter…. what real value are WE ourselves in the grand scheme of things… except to those who love us.  Grandad my heart aches for what you are going through. I’m usually just a lurker who enjoys your musings and grumblings a lot. I often enjoy your commentors as much as I enjoy your posts.  Heading back to LurkLand. 

  7. For as long as I can remember there has always been a dog in the house.  Some were aggressive.  Some were foolish.  Some were just plain good company.  But someone once described Sandy to me as “The Dog”. I knew exactly what he meant.  Sandy is one in a million.  The next five or six months are going to be terribly difficult.

    And Marianne – lurkers are always welcome here.  🙂

  8. Grandad,  Sorry to hear your news.  We went through the same heartache two years ago.  We only realised something was wrong when our Springer Spaniel started lying down in the garden in the snow, obviously to relieve the pain in her abdomen.  I’m sure you won’t let Sandy suffer if you think he is in pain.

  9. Sean – There will be no suffering on Sandy’s part.  I couldn’t bear to see her in pain.  The only way we found that she had a problem was through the check up.  If you could see her now, she’s a complete picture of health – cold wet glossy nose, bright clear eyes and a healthy coat.  It is hard to believe there is so much going wrong on the inside.

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