Finding Cavan — 11 Comments

  1. Since moving to Northern Ireland over two years ago now, one of the earliest things I discovered was that even C***n people don’t like C***n. From what I can see, most of them spend a good chunk of their time residing in Fermanagh instead. Unfortunately as a result, this place has a far higher proportion of morons on the roads than anywhere else in Ireland.
    I get a horrible feeling when crossing into the county. I don’t mind the existence of County Monaghan too much, but I draw the line at County C***n. Absolutely hate the place, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t.

  2. I bought a new satnav the other day. Made by Rober Frost Inc. First time I used it it said “When you come to the fork take the road less travelled.”

  3. Reaper – Jayzus but that will please the few people who do live there.  They probably wouldn’t understand your comment anyway.  Certainly I can never understand them.

    Sham – You could be right.  What was the question?

    I trust you will all buy my new book?  It’s called “The Passion of Patrick and TT”

  4. I don’t think those were his precise words.  Nice to have him back though.  [Don’t tell him I said that, for fuck’s sake!]

  5. There’s a tear in my eye, no I mean it there’s a tear in my eye, about a half inch across.
    I see tt has grown up since I last saw him, he’s TT now. All growed up and looking for lurv – try the dockyard, there must be one matelot drunk enough to take yer cherry.

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