We will meet them again — 14 Comments

  1. “Dream Academy” wants you to visualize living in peace with your oppressors. Roll over for your master. Now, fetch Him more cash to pay for the hierarchy. It is a “rather haunting song”.

  2. Patrick – When are you and TT naming the big day?

    Ramrod – Forget politics.  Listen to the music.  It’s a thousand times better than the shite they pump out these days.

  3. Were you listening to the WWII song, We’ll meet again, sung by ‘the forces sweetheart’ Vera Lynn? This song was played at the end of the apocalyptic satirical film, Dr. Strangelove, starring Peter Sellers in three magnificent roles.

    Dame Vera Lynn still lives in England and may be in her nineties.

    We’ll meet again,
    Don’t know where,
    Don’t know when
    But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day


  4. Grandad:

    “Art that makes you think” is what many musicians and painters strive for. Thinking gives serfs a headache and is evaded.

  5. I really liked that “Life in a Northern Town” song- never heard it before but liked it immediately – thanks GD.
    But it may me feel cold watching the video !!
    Don’t know what the other yoke is.

  6. It was a big hit here in early ’85. I remember it well. It was on the juke box at the Savoy Grill. Brilliant song. Oh and FYI I could never marry Patrick, my arse being a one way street and him being a nancy boy.
    Your other song is to do with an Irish airman killed fighting for the Allies in WW1.

  7. “Ger – Definitely NOT Vera Lynn.  I’d know that song anywhere.  

    Ramrod – But the point is that it’s not the song itself that is making me think – it’s the artist and title that have some meaning from my past, but I can’t remember what.

    Mossy – I have just realised that it’s nearly thirty years since it was a hit.  Fuck!  Seems like yesterday.  So I suppose there is a large chunk of the population that has never heard it.

    TT – You had better write to Patrick then.  Break the news gently.

    Your other song is to do with an Irish airman killed fighting for the Allies in WW1.”  I hate to contradict but not according to Virginia Astley herself.

  8. “Mossy – I have just realised that it’s nearly thirty years since it was a hit.”

    No you didn’t. I just told you in the preceding comment. Read the bloody thing.

  9. Welcome Slojoe!  With all due respect, I think Ms Westenra would be more likely to cure Alzheimers than to cause it.  I’m willing to experiment if she is?

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