EU outlaws fun — 19 Comments

  1. Obviously ‘blown up’ out of all proportion!!!!!!
    Can’t play conkers anymore without safety glasses.
    What a load of ballocks – how did we survive, I ask you???????
    Someone must have had an enormnous EU grant to do the reaserach and then regurgitate a load of crap as the gospel ….
    And then there’s the French … where does their driving fit into the H&S mandate!!!! I’m off to get pissed – only a matter of time before they insist that all bars have a soft edge in-case we pass out on hard edges …….

  2. Just think of all the fun we’ll have stringing up all the righteous twats on the nearest lamposts.

  3. When I was reading this article I couldn’t forward you the URL fast enough.  I was literally drop-jawed reading it.  I rail against the Nanny State but never thought it could go so far as this.  The one line in the article that stopped me dead in my tracks was the one where the EU states that they “know best”.  Let’s just hope that this whole euro thing crashes and the EU dissolves.

  4. I totally agree with the EU on this one. Just think of all the fun the little ‘uns can have with those Helium filled Balloons. All the high pitched funny sounds they can make and if you give the ‘lil brats enough of the stuff, they simply float away.

  5. Since we’re no longer allowed to blow up balloons, maybe somebody should blow up the european commission?

  6. I recently bought some mouthwash that came in an attractive bottle with this warning: DANGER! DO NOT SHOVE THIS UP YOUR ASS.

  7. Cardi – Indeed, how the hell did we all survive before Nanny started “caring” for us.  

    Toper – I have started a nice little collection of piano wire, and have already earmarked the lampposts I want to use.  Roll on the day……

    Brianf – Thanks for sending it.  I confess I am still finding it hard to believe as it is so insanely stupid.  I keep expecting someone to announce that it’s all a joke, or a practice run for April Fools Day or something.  Or anything.  Has society really sunk this low?

    Slab – But then they will be breaking some obscure EU law controlling low flying balloons or somesuch.  You won’t get away that easily.

    MySickMind – Welcome!  Now you are talking my language.  Let’s go the whole hog though – Commission, Parliament, Courts, the lot!

    Ramrod – …. and did you manage to remove it again?

  8. Little children should be banned from blowing raspberries. Little boys should be obscene and not heard.

    I’d love to be able to say Take a running jump you useless paper-pushers in French and five other EU languages.

  9. Until individuals realise that all they have to do whenever the state in whatever form enters their lives is ejaculate a polite but forceful FUCK OFF then those whose only interest is increasing the flow of money from your brow to their bank balance have carte blanche to carry on.

  10. It’s not the makers of these rules that need a talking to but the enforcers and the stupid cunts that allow themselves to be dictated to in this way.
    If you let the twats chip away at your “freedoms” you deserve all you get.
    fuck ’em. and tt.

  11. Ger – Why bother with all those languages?  German alone will suffice.

    Bill – I tried that, but they just get me with the Obscene Utterances Act 2007.

    Patrick – But how do we get rid of the fuckers?  We tried it and got a coalition who are every bit as bad as the previous lot.  You did exactly the same.  Until there is total anarchy, we are stuck with them.

    Blackwatertown – Please don’t joke like that.  You know it will only give them ideas.

  12. I’d like to see them try to police that!  How on earth unless kids are quizzed on Monday at school “did mammy let ye have balloons as yer party?”   – also, it is going to become illegal to smoke in a car that has an under 10 in it!  Are kids going to have to carry ID in case the checkpoint quizzes their age and if the parent was smoking or not?

  13. Blow up balloons in their faces and let your kids do the same – as long as no one gets hurt what’s the charge?
    I’m no biologististthingy but don’t you inflate your lungs when breathing in? only asking.

  14. OK Grandpa, I’ve googled a few German words and can come up with this simple utterance aimed at a suited Brussels bureaucrat:

    Ich glaube, dass Sie ein ein dummer Dreckschwätzer und Miesmacher sei. (I think you are a stupid bullshitter and killjoy.)

    My German has got rusty since Leaving Certificate days, so I am open to more idiomatic and punchy suggestions. Danke.

    But wouldn’t it be a sign of healthy cosmopolitan developments in Irish society if more of us could learn to utter heartfelt exclamations in French, Italian, Spanish and a couple of other languages? What plans has Ruairi Quinn got for jazzing up language learning in the Irish schooling system? Our children must learn to love echt Deutsch and all that – in the interests of international understanding and interaction among nations.

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