Not a happy camper — 5 Comments

  1. I know exactly what you mean about wifey vanishing inside of stores. I sometimes bellow her name at full voice just to piss her off, regardless of the looks I get. I have even been known to page her from the customer service desk. Usually though, weather permitting which it normally does, I go sit in the car, wind the window down, sit back with my feet out of the said window, turn on the music, light a ciggy and let her spend the time looking for me.

  2. Those hypermarkets are excellent for stocking up on stuff you might need at home – like assorted shotgun cartridges.

  3. See, told you and it’s only freeking September. Have you actually met and talked to one of the natives, I spent two weeks at a guite in Pluvorn, just outside Roscof, I nearly fucking starved trying to find somewhere to eat, I assure you I could turn out bottom crepes that taste better than the shite they served up.
    Nope, France is for the French and they are welcoime to the fucking gawd awful place.

  4. TT – I said it before and I’ll say it again….. kindred spirits!  😈

    Cat – For me it’s as much the little things like knowing where everything is kept.  I can sleep virtually anywhere, but my chair is special.  Haven’t had a decent nap in ages!

    Ian – NEVER buy assorted shotgun cartridges.  Wrong caliber can be messy.

    Patrick – You have lost me.  “See, told you and it’s only freeking September.”  Wha? 

    And I have spoken to the natives.  In particular, one native.  I have spent the last two weeks dodging the fucker.  I think he’s taken a fancy to me.

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