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  1. Did you ask the owner about the hidden underground bunker? Was it purpose built as a bar or was it something left over from WW2?

  2. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that we too are basking in 15 degrees of liquid sunshine while you are away!!

  3. “Cough” everyone has a soft spot for the Oirish, commonly known as quicksand. “Cough”, “Cough”. see your “Cough” and raise you one finger.

  4. TT – It had the sort of feel of a shelter.  It looked pretty old.  I wasn’t going to mention I had found it, as that way he can’t blame me if all the booze goes missing.

    Not Green – If yiz all behave, I’ll bring some sunshine back with me.

    Patrick – Everyone loves the Irish.  They have one massive redeeming feature in France – they ain’t British.  I didn’t make up the rules.  Take it up with Sarkozy or whatever his name is.

  5. I’m on a ship in sailing the Atlantic ocean and just watched the sun set on the horizon…ahhhhh vacations are sweet indeed

  6. Atlantic, France, fukkit, It was bloody lovely here (Ireland). Sunny, warm, just like a summer. I wonder will Sarkozy and his EU wankers impose some sort of tax for it on us.
    After the shite summer we’ve had, it might be worth it if we could get more.

  7. Well my outdoor unheated pool is registering 30C at the moment so eat your heart out!

    …..but we’re getting a bit desperate for rain.  Could you arrange to send some, I gather you’ve got more than you need? 

  8. Meltman, today the weather here is humid and bloody raining again, fukkit.
    I would gladly trade some of the above for your Sunshine.
    Can you organise the transport?

  9. Between last Sunday and yesterday we had over 16 inches of rain.  The river just crested at 9 feet over flood stage.  It’s been a wonderful week.  This comes after we had a hurricane run through here bringing rain and really wild winds that knocked power out out for most folks around here and just before that we had an earthquake.  Well at least it’s not boring around here.

  10. Anyone that thinks nature can be brought under control and used for any purpose other that what is natural is nuts.
    King Nut – Al Gore.

  11. Cat – Just watch out for the icebergs.  They can be a right bugger.

    Slab – Make your mind up.  First it’s “bloody lovely” and then it’s “humid and bloody raining”?  There again, that is about par for the course for Ireland, I suppose.

    Meltemian – Sorry I can’t help out with the rain.  The most we have had in the last week was an hour of mizzle. [can’t make it’s mind up whether it’s a mist or a drizzle]

    Brianf – A couple of hurricanes and an earthquake?  Nice one.  Life ain’t dull!!  My highest ever single scrabble score was adding “thquake” after “ear” on a triple word bonus.

    TT – The weather may change, but TT remains the same.

    Patrick – When it comes to nature, we are as significant as the pimple on a wrinkle on a flea’s left ball.


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