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  1. Oh Hell!!  Here, anything that contains codeine requires a doctors prescription.  The only thing codeine does is make you unable to take a shit.  Stupid fuckin’ rules!

  2. Brianf – Don’t worry.  I have heard whispers that they are talking about making Nurofen a prescription drug here.  For fuck’s sake!

  3. seems i’d feel right at home in ireland. do your shops hid the ciggies behind doors? no? just here? supposed to remove the sight of temptation to the spoiled brats *pardon* children to prevent them from smoking. delicate thugs *opps i mean* things they are no will at all to step out of line the angels

  4. Cat – I think we pioneered the fucking ‘hiding the ciggies’ lark.  Every shop seems to have its own ugly great plywood box.  We also pioneered selling only packs of 20 [no 10s allowed by law!].  Have you been hit with that one yet?

    Not Green – If I want to do a Prenderville, no pill or lack of will change my mind.

    Patrick – I wouldn’t know anything about those yokes.

  5. Can’t get anything containing codeine here either – but you can buy any kind or strength of anti-biotic over the counter!   Normal shops and supermarkets don’t sell any sort of painkillers, you have to get everything from the pharmacies.

  6. don’t even think 20 packs think minimum is 25 but you can sell as much pouch tobacco as you want with pre made tubes and handy dandy single ciggy maker…>.<
    i don’t even smoke and it pisses me off

  7. When they took codeine off the shelves, suddenly the ceilings of pharmacies across the country collapsed in. They were practically being held in place by the walls of Solpadeine packs.

  8. A couple of months ago, I had really bad tonsillitis, and went to the pharmacy begging for stronger pain relief than the regular Neurofen I was currently taking. After giving me the “stern talk” about codeine, the pharmacist then informed me that “sure if you’re not getting any pain relief from the regular Neurofen, these won’t make a difference. You don’t need them.” and refused to sell them to me. I guess in my horrendous pain, I came across as a little too desperate for hard drugs! I was too astounded to argue the point with him, so I just left!

  9. Welcome Lisa!  I dropped into my local chemist today.  There were quite a few things on sale and in full public display that I could have nicely used to shuffle off this mortal coil.  Rat poison, anybody?    There again, trying to find logic in this crazy world is a lost cause.

  10. Anytime I’ve visitors over here they get a great thrill out of buying the 100 packs of paracetamol that seem to be outlawed back home now.

    Quite amusing in fairness.

    Totally fucking bonkers, but amusing. 

  11. Martin – Please don’t mock the afflicted.  I mean to say, we can’t even cure a headache but you lot can get stoned.  Is that really fair?  Hah!

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