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  1. i love  analogue hands, i can glace and know the time without looking. not a fan of a digital watch – too much thinking.

  2. I have an analogue – it’s much easier to catch sight of the time without appearing to look at the watch.

    Skobieville always provides you with stuff to write about – don’t be complaining.

  3. Grandad, being a complete motorcycle freak ( my business is repairing the things ) I am intrigued by your watch surviving motorcycle crashes; what bikes have you owned, rather than crashed? just to give you an idea of my cred, I own a Honda RC30 to HRC race kit spec, however this is my track bike, my road bikes are much more pedestrian.

  4. I don’t know about y’all in Europe; but here in the States a lot of kids and even younger adults can’t read a non-digital clock. Do you remember the early LCD watches back in the ’70’s that played a tune/song? My first, made in Singapore, I think, sang The Yellow Rose ‘in’ Texas. As for you being packed off to boarding school at that tender age GD; well it speaks volumes! Heh! Where was the school? Local?

  5. Nah – kids now don’t bother with watches.
    “What would I need a watch for, I can look at my phone. Duh.”
    Until it runs out of charge (which is all the time), or it gets nicked.

  6. Cat – I’m beginning to get used to digital clocks but I don’t like ’em.  Somehow, they just give you a number but an analogue actually tells the time.  Hard to explain.

    Ian – Thanks very much but if I have to stoop to visiting Skobieville for material then I would rather quit.  It was miserable there and it pissed rain on me.  At least I hope it was rain.  In Skobieville, anything can happen.

    Johnnyrvf – I am going to disappoint you terribly here and confess that it was a mere Yamaha 80cc.  It travelled the length and breadth of Ireland and a bit of England too and was my sole means of transport for about six years.  I was sorry to see it go.

    TT – Like the old Casio watches?  I remember them well.  There was also the Sinclair watch, produced by Clive before he went into the home computer business.  Batteries lasted about a week!

    The boarding school was in the south of Ireland.  It was a fucking kip, and to make matters worse, we were only allowed speak Irish, on pain of a severe thrashing.  Damn!!  I have just found its website.  It has had a bit of a facelift.  No sigh of the barbed wire or the Solitary Confinement Pits…..

    BWT – I didn’t think modern yoof took any notice of time at all?  They just seem to wander around aimlessly and I think that punctuality would be expecting too much of them?



  7. Hi Grandad –
    On the battery thing – I get all mine in a €2 shop (on a big card with loads of other batteries)
    Looking at the site for Ring reminds me that there’s a grand booser down the road from it – it used to be called Tig an Ceoil – not even sure if it’s still there – many’s a good night spent etc .

  8. Over the years I’ve had an assortment of watches, starting with the Comfirmation Watch. This was just like yours GD. A genuine wind up Swiss watch. It went through the wars too, coming to its end on a friends Yamaha AS3. I’ve had the LCD, Quartz, Atomic power whatever watches, even one that could withstand depths of 200 metres. I could never understand how the fuck I was going to read the time that far underwater and survive.
    I have a drawerful of broken watches and some I never bothered replacing batteries in, ‘cos I’d have to go to Scobieville. Then Herself bought me a shiny windy watch with no batteries. It self winds as you move or flick your wrist back and forth.
    Brilliant. I showed it off to all my friends until one of the Bastards suggested that my wrist winding actions reminded him of someone performing an act of self abuse.

  9. Neighbour – Strange as it may seem, it never occurred to me to buy on-line.  Are you implying I swear?  That is fucking libelous.

    Josh – The trouble with mixed bags is that you end up with loads you don’t want and probably not the ones you do want.  At the tender age of eleven I wasn’t aware of pubs, so I can’t comment on locals in Ring.  My drinking career didn’t start for another year or two.

    Slab – I would have thought that motion winding was a great excuse?  You can whack off anywhere you like and just claim that you’re winding your watch?


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