Reboot — 8 Comments

  1. We just had an earthquake. Now that’s a bad day.  Not really.  It was kinda’ cool.  The building I live in was swaying.

  2. Patrick – I’d be rightly pissed off if no one could ever spell my name correctly!  Maybe that’s what started him off on his road to dictatorship?

    Brianf – Don’t be a wuss.  It was only a 5.8.

  3. hey brianf they said we had that quake to here in atlantic canada…didn’t feel it

    as for crumpling the day in a ball and chucking it oh hells ya! i’m in the process of moving my elderly mother nuff said 

  4. Oh how well I understand.
    There are some days you just want to get to the end of fast……. but you just have to grit your teeth and keep going, or of course you could try hiding in the pub.
    The only problem with that is it’s inclined to bugger-up the next day too!

  5. Meltemian – I was too knackered to even go down to the pub.  That shows how really bad the day was?

    Ian – In Linux I can bypass the recycle bin and go straight to Delete.  That gives greater satisfaction.  It feels more violent!

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