Come back Star Trek — 18 Comments

  1. Ex = no longer
    spurt = seeping water
    so really expurts are Obsolete drips.
    (If you can get passed the spelling)

  2. Maybe they’re already here……………. where’s Dan Boyle gone???  da da da dum da

  3. You hold experts in high contempt? What a bizarre starement to make.  Like Jon Huntsman just said: “I believe in evolution and I trust our scientists on climate change.Call me crazy!”
    I suspect your R.C. anti science upbringing has had more influence on you than you realize. Anyways I am watching Man Utd v Spurs. Call ME crazy.

  4. “Its life, Jim, but not as we know it”. Anyway if the fucking aliens know anything about Star Trek, you don’t mess with the Prime Directive. Its against Federation rules ya know.

  5. I’ll give the boys at NASA a break. With the shuttle gone and the USA abandoning space flight to the Russians and Chinese, they have little to do.

  6. tt
    Talk of spelling – is a starement something you say whilst climbing or descending the stairs or, something you say with your eyes, wink, wink.

  7. Not Green – I did mentally wander along that track.  I heard somewhere that there is no record of Obama before he became a presidential candidate?  Heh!

    TT – An interesting theory?  In fact it was the brothers who instilled my love for science [and in particular, physics].  I always held scientists in the highest regard.  Then they started selling out to the highest bidders and doing more and more incredibly worthless “studies”.  My vitriol is reserved exclusively for those who seem to be in pursuit of the bizarre and the headlines.  How can science be trusted when it is funded by vested interests?

    Slab – I’d forgotten about that song.  Ghastly but compulsive.  Like a car crash!

    Jim C – I hope you aren’t relying too heavily on the Russians?

    TT – Didn’t all the female crew members have great chi chis?  It must be something to do with weightlessness?

    Patrick – Leave the poor lad alone.

  8. “I shouldn’t have written that last sentence. I have just wet myself laughing again.”

    vinyl chairs..worth every penny  

  9. The best spelling mistakes, ever, were those made in what we, in the RN, used to call Egyptian AFOs (Admiralty Fleet Orders).
    “stob, stob”, she crid in broken England, as the spug runned down her thigs to her angles, “your hurling me”.

  10. You lot, obviously, don’t have dirty minds or have led sheltered lives, clue – it was before Lady Chatterly’s lover and the pages of the AFOs were often stuck together, unlike Lady Cahtterly’s legs.
    No more clues. ever.

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