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  1. You are so full of shit. You know you are as pussy whupped as the rest of us saps. Anyways, warmest greetings to the poor old dear.

  2. I said to the Missus, “get your coat on” she said “why, are you taking me out to celebrate my birthday” I said “no, I’m going down the pub and I’m switching the heating off” Boom, fecking, boom.

  3. TT – You have a lovely way with words.  And what do you mean by ‘poor’?  I’ll gave you know I have put a roof over her head for the last thirty whatever years and she is damned glad of it.

    Patrick – You are in grave danger of being filled with TT’s shit.

  4. I was flying to Europe once first class. (Got an upgrade.) Wifey decides to come at the last minute; hence she was cattle class. So I’m sat chatting to a beautiful girl, who happened to have the seat next to me, drinking a flute of Champagne, as she boards and walks past me. She stopped dead in her tracks, snatches the glass off me, downs it, gives me the most evil scowl and carries on her way. It was brilliant at so many levels. The flight attendant took pity on her and took her a free bottle back.

  5. TT – Are you quite sure you are not me [or vice versa]?  Are you some kind of doppelganger?

  6. awww you are sweet, a break away from you tis a lovely gift, she’ll enjoy that guinness i’ll bet in the peace and quiet.

  7. Cat – You’re the only person to appreciate how good I am.   Hey! Hang on a minute…………..

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