Slavery makes a welcome return — 20 Comments

  1. Very fucking funny!  You just made me check right through in case I had misspelled ferry.  I didn’t.

  2. was going to suggest you bring back a poodle that way using the kennel once but upgrade on the cabin definately better and i’m sure sandy would be better pleased than receiving a poodle

  3. You know me, Brianf – always game for a laugh.

    Cat – Sandy is very happy with the new arrangement.  She says she is looking forward to having the house to herself for a month.

    TT – No fear of that.  The other boat goes to Wales, so I’ll be very careful………


  4. If you are in my part of the world, Aquitaine, SW France, look me up, I know a few good wines………

  5. Johnnyrvf – Now that is a very kind offer.  Unfortunately we aren’t going as far south this time and plan to lurk in the Loire Region.

  6. I knew that gays were well organised, I didn’t know thay had a fucking navy. are any of them carriers?

  7. Tis well for some, off on the holliers. I could’nt afford them this year. I had two weeks looking out of the staring window at the Grayshine and the pissing rain. By the looks of things going on in the finance world, I’ll be doing the same for the forseeable future, fukkit.
    GD, ‘Enjoy’ the holliers……

  8. Oh! I have a nice steel box with a nice little window. Maybe I could mind yer lil doggie.
    It has buttons on one side marked ‘combination microwave/oven, grill, fast cook, defrost.
    I also have a taste for Asian food. I hope this would not be a problem.

  9. What’s all this talk about gay navies?  I toss in a comment about poodles being gay and come back later to find the whole world’s fucking navies are gay [which I already knew anyway].  Stop trying to confuse me.

    Slab – Forty years before the mast [might as well keep up the navy theme?] has paid for this holiday.  That and a credit card belonging to Marylou Haddish of Toronto.  I deserve it.  And stop trying to eat my dog.

  10. GD, hope the weather is better by the time you get over here … it’s unbelievably shite at the moment. 

  11. Bill – Beautifully written!  Had to leave a wee comment..

    TonyS – Depends on where you are and where I’m going.  I know our destination [Loire] is having better weather than us at the moment, but that wouldn’t be hard.  It has been pissing down all evening.

  12. I’m in the general Paris area, where it’s also been pissing down all evening, but you shoudl be ok by the time you get here …

  13. TonyS – I’m not the sun worshiping type [the idea of lying on a beach all day makes me shudder].  Just so long as it’s a little warmer and a lower humidity I’ll be happy.

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