Running through treacle — 20 Comments

  1. Didn’t understand a word.
    except Lady Gaga was in there somewhere. I like her song – poker her face.

  2. All gobbledygook to me too.
    But “state of chassis” was a great line uttered by Cap’n Boyle in Juno and the Paycock.
    Classic play !!!

  3. I have no idea what you are rabbiting on about today. Nothing the matter with my windows. Just washed ’em.

  4. Why are you still using microsoft products?  Hurry up and get rid of the windows and install Linux Mint 11.  You’ll be singing happy,happy,joy,joy once you do.

  5. If it’s any consolation, I hadn’t a clue either.  Windows has been confined to the rubbish bin for another while anyway.

  6. Brianf – There speaks a happy, happy, joy, joy Mint user?  When you’re not watching Ren and Stimpy, that is

  7. Some one always has to ruin a good debate and today it is me, buy a Macintosh computer and it gets a lot better, not perfect, oh dear no, but at least I dont loose my rag with the computer anymore, unlike when I had a PC and Windows.

  8. Thats all okay if yer a rich bastard and can afford a bleedin’ Mac. The only Macintosh I can afford is a fuckin’ rain coat. Its more use to me than my shite Windows driven PC that the young slablet fucked up to the point of BSoD, yep fucking Blue Screen of Death. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Luckily (or not) I have the use of this Windows Laptop junker, oh! Jasus, Jean Byrne was in a tight white plastic bag dress thingy on the Weather, Oh! fuck.

  9. i’m stuck with windows and i don’t want to talk about it

    ….wanders off to a corner and sulks

  10. Johnnyrvf – The only people who buy Mac are the ones who are easily impressed by a bit of colour.

    Actually I was only using Windows for a few hours today and am now happily rocketing along in Linux.  No Blue Screens of Death or any of that rubbish.  I fucking hate Winows and to think that people fork out huge sums for it….. ????!!!!!

    Slab – So Jean Byrne is your little night time cozy, huh?  Just so long as you keep your dirty hands off Sharon.

    Cat – You can come out now….

  11. The misery of windoze, worse than piles, and Apple products are only available to women and gays.
    Go explore Ubuntu Linux, yep it sounds geeky but it works even for a technophobe-thats you Grandad.
    The installation is simple and you can even keep your windoze machine running if you are that sceptical that this new-fangled linux software sounds dodgy to you.
    If you don’t trust installing it on your machine install it on a USB stick and try it.
    Best of all its fucking FREE.

  12. Ilttwaaf – OY!  Will yiz read what I fucking wrote!  I am using Linux.  Mint 11 Katya, if you must know. Wouldn’t touch Ubuntu as they fucked it up with Unity.  Technophobe indeed!  Bloody nerve!

  13. Grandad I read what you fucking wrote and it had NOTHING about Mint Linux when i commented,since there is a time difference of seven minutes between our posts I’m assuming your comment was not showing.
    Anyway-glad you are happy with mint, I agree with your comment re Unity i am using Ubuntu 10.04.

  14. Ilttwaaf – That’s OK then.  I’ll forgive you this once.  Did your parents give you that name, or is it made up?

  15. Completely off thread I know, (shoot me if you must) but I finally got a hold of your book yesterday!  Amazon wont deal with me as I dont have a credit card and they dont have paypal…….., so, yesterday on an errand to the embassy in Dublin, I found a shop selling your book!  Just thought I’d share that – for no apparent reason……….. x

  16. Good God!  I didn’t know there were any still around.  Hold on to it for dear life.  It is guaranteed to be a collector’s item in a few years time.  [Actually, I thought it was already….]

  17. People still download their mail? I thought everything was done in the cloud these days…

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