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  1. Rest assured GD, you won’t ever find me following you on Twitter or asking to be your friend on Facebook!!  Can’t see the point myself.
    I agree about Skype, we use it a lot out here – best way to keep in touch with family and friends without it costing a fortune.  You can always ignore any callers you don’t want as well, although ‘Himself’ seems to have someone called Natasha who wants to be a contact – either he’s holding out on me or it’s a Russian up to no good!  Come to think of it it could be both…….. 

  2. Why people try to live their lives through a fucking machine with all of their info on display to the whole world fucking baffles me. A friend, used to upload pictures of his kids onto his facebook page for his foreign relatives to view. I asked him if he was okay with the peedo’s of the world also getting a look.
    He looked at me blankly, and told me I was being a square. Fuck Sake….Eejits abound.
    Its like dealing with the Automatic Checkouts at the supermarkets. I hate them. I object to interacting with machines.
    Give me a Human any day.
    I’m off to the Pub too.

    Oh! bye the way, You use Twitter quite a bit Grandad???????? Confused eh?

  3. i tried to comment and it wouldn’t let twat banned?
    oo so it let me so i’ll say original comment, twitter is that not the space between the twat and the shitter?

  4. Meltemian – It’s easy enough to set up a wee hidden recorder!  Thee again, Natashia could be some bloke who was named by a mother with a warped sense of humour?

    Slab – Wadya mean I use Twitter quite a lot?  How dare you.  This site uses it all right to pump out warnings that I have written something.  It seemed a waste not to use the account for something.

    Cat – Hah!  Haven’t heard that one before.  Somewhat appropriate?  😉

  5. I tried to reply yesterday but it was not possible ! Just kept getting some message about a duplicate post ? What was that all about ?
    And anyway, I agree about Facefuck and Twatter !!

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