Cutbacks — 11 Comments

  1. You are in a health care system that obama wants to impose on us.  I hear horror stories from Ireland and England and figure we’re not far away from the gubmint running our hospitals.  I’m worried about your hip replacement so I’ll start praying for you in about 54 years.

  2. What we have here is Mad Cow Harney’s legacy.  She decided that when it came to healthcare that “Boston was better than Brussels”.  The new lot are now trying to unpick all her mistakes and essentially rebuild the system from the ground up.  They have now run out of cash and we are only half way through the year.

    Brianf – I’m not worried about the 54 years.  I have commented before how time flies faster as you get older.

  3. You Lucky Bastard, You Lucky, lucky Bastard….They’ll want to take my leg off and give me a stick with a fucking wheel on. Maybe you’d get my bloody leg as well.
    Next it’ll be Cruixification, lucky bastard.

  4. Slab – Now you see the benefits of private health insurance.

    Jedrzej – OK.  I’ll be generous and allow you that one.  What about all the others?

  5. We have all the time, don’t we? Will certainly drop it here when I come across something as tasty as this again.

  6. Holy God but we’re an awful sick nation. If they could just legalize cannabis, and replace the fluoride with echinacea in the tap water, manuka lollipop dispensers in public toilets, that sort of thing. We’d cost an awful lot less to maintain?!?

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