A wee gamble — 13 Comments

  1. Can’t you just see the great gamblers of the world tossing a coin – “now which shall it be?  Las Vagas, Monte Carlo or Two Mile Borris?”

  2. A new White House is a great idea.  I’d certainly be willing to send the the current White House resident over there to occupy it.

  3. Yahoo TT.
    They talked, planned and bullshitted about building a ‘Disney’ type park in Meath a while ago too.
    It never happened, neither will this latest stupid idea. It would require people with lots of spare cash, lets face it, who would prefare to go to Las Vagas where there are more Casinos and Sunshine, of go to Monte Carlo, again more Casinos and Sunshine.
    Why the fuck would any rich bastard want to come here to our pissing rain country to gamble away their money to one Casino.
    The only rich ones who came here to gamble were the gobshites who invested in our banks and buildings, mind you they were in a win win gamble, were’nt they. Fuckers get their money back.

    The best we could do was Mosney, even that closed.

  4. But sure t’wasn’t the White House designed by an Irishman? It wouldn’t be a replica of an American Icon, it’d be a replica of Leinster House, and sure where’s the harm in that?

  5. Oldspook – They are probably planning to clone their own copy, thanks.

    TT – Cashel is hard to miss.  It’s got a fucking great rock with a ruin on it.  Mind you, that applies to a lot of Irish towns these days..

    Martin – Much as I hate Liveline, Herself was listening to it today so I too had to listen in and have a wee chuckle.  I honestly felt sorry for some of the gobshites and their pure naivety.

    John – They got their planning permission.  Someone in the Planning Department has a sense of humour too.

    Slab – I just told him that.

    K8 – Where’s the harm in that?  You mean the damage done by one Leinster House wasn’t enough?

  6. I mean for the casino. What odds would you give that they get that license. Lowery of the brown evelopes is involved remember ……

  7. They should be invited to the next Kilkenny  Cat Laughs festival as star attractions.

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