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  1. If one reread this post, with the thought of the whole thing being a euphemism for being unable to gain an erection, it’s brings it to a whole other level!

  2. Jayzus but you have one weird fucking mind!  Mind you, I knew that already from your site,

  3. I thought at first that this was all about you getting your own motor going too.
    Start me up – as the man sang.

  4. Folks who would rather crank cars with handles and charge clapped out old batteries rather than spending a few shekels or euros on a new battery. Whodya think ?

  5. Damn, but you’re a filthy minded lot…..

    TT – No need to worry about the cost.  Spanner had a spare that he gave me.  He salvaged it from an English registered car that had “accidentally” taken a wrong turning and ended at the bottom of the old quarry.  It’s amazing that the battery survived the fall.  Nothing else did.  Heh!

    Ian – Did you ever try bump starting a car on your own?  Not easy.

    TT – Don’t like automatics and have never owned one.  I like to drive my cars.

  6. Honest to God; some fucker in a clapped ot old beetle with a tiny engine bragging about how he likes to use the gearbox. Thinks he’s Andretti. Get a big auto with a cup holder. Keeps your hands free for smoking, drinking and re-loading.

  7. I like all the creature comforts that you can get in a modern car. There is one problem though. They are all computer controlled, fly by wire, with sensors and control modules. What a pain in the bollox if anything goes wrong. Back to the Garage, to be told, “no sorry the non aligned spligned spigot shaft control module is fucked. It’ll cost ya €1,000 for repairs and labour”. Jasus……I liked the old cars, still have one, with their simple electrics where you could make ajustments. You could, with a little knowledge, fix the bugger yourself, and fuck the rip off merchant wheeler dealers in the repair shops.
    The older cars also had an individuality thats non existant in the modern ones.
    They are all boring metal look alike boxes.

  8. couldn’t agree with you more! I just received a new modem from our provider.I didn’t ask for a new one, old one is fine, so I wandered across the mall way to the provider store to ask “why did provider store send me this” (held up box) provider staff, ” umm I don’t know”, me ” is this not the provider store?” provider staff..blank stare..”umm yes?” me, “then why have you sent out this modem to me” provider staff…blank stare “i don’t know”, me, ” does someone tell you how to breathe every few moments??? can you find your way home??” at this point she looked very afraid and about to cry. me, “go away now i’m going to leave you are too stupid to speak to”
    oh yes electric vehicles…much better? ssuuuurrrre they are

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