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  1. You’re a hard man GD. The poor old dead cunt makes one small error in his life…..

  2. Now I realize that I could find an image of your ex, recently departed Minister of Finance just by Googling the name but is that large blank area between your second to last and last line of your post supposed to be him? Or are you perhaps sneaking in a subtly obvious statement? Or is that an obviously subtle statement?

  3. TT – You are right.  It was a trivial mistake.  After all, he was only responsible for bankrupting an entire country, putting us in hock for generations to come and giving the EU an open hand in running our country.  It could have been much worse.

    Kirk M – What are you on about?  Can’t you see that I have written extensively about his good points?

  4. There you are now…..  Something positive to say about him – “He was always achieving the seemingly impossible”.

  5. seems my remark was too short so i’m adding this bit my remark was simply one word to you gd

  6. Brian Lenihan was a nice fella, a good decent human being. He was not a Politician and certainly was not a resopnsible Minister For Finance, as we all know. He was a very misgiuded person however.
    Having learnt about his terminal ilness, he should not have done what his father did (continue in politics until death).
    He should have bowed out, giving the country a break, and concentrated on his health, family and his life, perhaps enjoying what time he had left in a quality way, instead of just withering away.

    But then thats my opinion, maybe he concidered himself a modern patriot (very deluded), hell bent on saving the sinking ship.
    Unfortunetly, for his family, he will always be remembered in a very negative way.
    A sad end we will all have to bear.

  7. Well, if it’s any constellation, I thought he was a cunt.
    He damaged Ireland in ways we are only now beginning to see. If there is a god, he will visit the same vengeance on one Gordon Twatty Brown.
    An early, painful death.
    Not that I am one to hold a grudge.

  8. Cat – I always welcome short remarks but apparently this site doesn’t.  I tried fixing it, but I have discovered that there are some things that are beyond my capabilities.  I know that’s hard to believe but……….

    Slab – That pretty well describes my attide to him.  Of all the gangsters in the last gubmint he was probably the most presentable.  He was about the only one that would have looked out of place on the FBI Most Wanted list.

    Ranty – I think we are only too painfully aware of the appalling damage he has done.  I think he even trumps your good friend Mr Brown when it comes to disastrous decisions.

  9. Grandad,

    In terms of trumps – I have a strong suspicion that McBroon is still holding some cards.

    Cheatin. lyin bonkers b’stard that he undoubtedly is.

    anyway – RIH 

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