Plain sailing my arse — 12 Comments

  1. Maybe you should have just called a travel agent.
    I recently tried to get the price of shipping a bird to England. A Nanday Conure to be precise. Why the fucking thing couldn’t just fly there I don’t know. Anyhoo, the first box to be filled in asked dog, cat or bird. So I clicked on bird. Then another box wanted me to click on the breed. The site wouldn’t let me continue without saying the bird is an Andalusian fucking Wolfhound or whatever. Assholes.

  2. I’m so glad this happens to other people as well – I thought it was just me!

  3. TT – What is the point of spending on fares for a bird?  All you have to do is tell it the address and it can fly there under its own steam?  And as it’s  a parrot, it can ask for directions if it gets lost.  You really aren’t thinking this out.

    Meltemian- No.  It’s me as well.  All the time.

  4. Did you actually read what I wrote ?
    ” Why the fucking thing couldn’t just fly there I don’t know.”

  5. Damn lucky you weren’t going to the States. You and Sandy would both have gone straight on a watchlist because you both have beards and are therefore likely to have been diverted to a site for suspected Al Qaeda.

    And the CIA site has ears so if it had heard you swearing at the screen you’d have had to get Sandy as a good Christian dog to sign a document saying she was your Christian employer and that you would be staying while in the US at a hotel of Sandy’s choice.

    And I don’t think you’d have liked sleeping in a kennel while Sandy and herself were off chasing good christian rabbits in Vermont during your VIP stay at the Crown Plaza for Pooches.

    Its your fault for having a Tribute Beard Mr ToraBora. Have a nice day unless you are a commie/atheist/alqaedaoperative in which case jesus gonna bit yo’ ass but GOOOOOD. 

  6. Jesus I just wrote the funniest post ever slating off Homebland Security and the entire post disappeared. Fucking CIA. Why can’t they just stick to what they are good at? Blowing each other’s cover and arranging deep undercover agents from Harlem to infiltrate the Swedish government?

    You won’t get into the States Groandda because of the three of yiz only herself doesn’t have a fundamentalist beard.

  7. I wonder if the one euro an hour employment contracts also apply to Irish Ferries web support team? 

  8. Maybe they are up to their neck in it. And all at sea. Rudderless. Just wanted to run that up the pole and see if it flutters.

  9. TT – “Did you actually read what I wrote ?”  No.  Was I supposed to?

    Cat – That is one of the advantages of booking so far in advance.  With a bit of luck I’ll be over the trauma by the time the holiday arrives.

    Con – Wrote where?  Do you have a site that you are too embarrassed to reveal?  As for getting into the States [as if I should ever want to!], all I have to do is stop Herself shaving and we will all look the same then.

    DD – Their web is run by a team of Lithuanians that they keep cloistered in the bowels of the ferry.  That’s the price of illegal immigration!

  10. Hey Con!!  I just found your funniest post ever [?]  It wasn’t the CIA – it was my spam filter [much more intelligent]

  11. In 2009 I and a few friends sailed to Cherbourg with Irish Ferries. We were on our way to Stassbourg. There were two wheelchair users, myself being one, in our company and we had booked two wheelchair accessible cabins. However when we boarded we all were told that there were only one accessible cabin available. The Eastern European clerk assured us that we would have two accessible cabins on our return journey. After a lot of arguing the head clerk came along and I was eventually put in the equivalent of the penthouse cabin which was bigger than all the others. This was adequate if not ideal. In conclusion all I can say is Irish Ferries must have thought that Strassbourg was the opposite of Lourdes and one of the able bodied was going to come back in a wheelchair

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