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  1. I have one or two regular blogs that I visit (including this one) and also notice a few are closing down/not posting. Most recent was that “20 person” who I did enjoy reading although I seem to remember he “retired” once before.
    Howandever, I think you are probably right about twatter and other such shites, sorry sites.
    It’s also been the death of other boards etc. such as P45.
    Ho hum, sad times. Getting old.
    Correction. Am old !!

  2. Twitter is a torment, could never get into it myself even though I tried. Tis a load of ould shite as far as I’m concerened

  3. The death of the Labour party in Blighty saw off quite a few of the libertarian bloggers. It is sad to see those blogs dwindle and die. Most of them were pioneers and many inspired me to write the shite that I do.
    I watch my bloglist for inactivity as well, but I only give them 6 months. Sometimes they pop back up and if they do they rejoin my Awkward Sods list.
    I am moving soon to WordPress so keep an eye out. I have not sloped off quietly into the night, I have just moved to a new garrison.

  4. Mossy – The last time that bloke “retired” there was a huge fuss on the Interweb.  This time there wasn’t a mention anywhere.  Just goes to show.

    Ranty – How come the Libertarians backed off with the demise of Labour?  From all I hear, your new lot seem to be just as bad and could do with a few of suggestions from the Libertarian?  As for WordPress – you won’t regret it.  🙂

    Bill – Could you clarify?

    why didn’t Ireland do an Iceland Mick” – I have never heard of an Iceland Mick.  Is it some kind of a dance?

    why didn’t Ireland do an Iceland, Mick” – If you are addressing me as Mick, then you are confusing me with some bloke in the village who is trying to impersonate me.

  5. I think the “Is Irish blogging dead?” debate / debacle some time ago (c. 2010) killed off the vibrancy of the Irish Blogosphere. I can’t remember the kick-starter, but he/she did to blogging what the Guinness Light campaign did to good wholesome porter.
    Survival of the fittest, Grandad 🙂

  6. Twitter only gets half the blame Grandad. Don’t forget Facebook. Apparently writing more than a paragraph has become a challenge for many, not just the Irish.

  7. “Twitter only gets half the blame Grandad. Don’t forget Facebook. Apparently writing more than a paragraph has become a challenge for many, not just the Irish.”

    Unfortunately very true

  8. GD…After a year or so and attempting to wirite a blog, I honor you the fact that you find something new and fresh to wrrite almost every day.  It is no small task, and I thank you for your efforts.   I truly hope you continue Head Rambles for another 30 to 40 years.   Thanks, GD.   Willie

  9. Just keeping you on your toes you old cove!
    Still why didn’t Ireland the population tell the Irish bondholders where to get off just like the Icelanders told the Icelandic bondholders?

  10. SHoop – I can’t see a debate causing the death of so many sites.  More like the debate just tapped into what was happening.

    Denise & Lafsword- I didn’t want to mention Facebook as the subject tends to send me into the realms of rudeness.  You know how I like to keep this site profanity free!

    Willie – Sometimes it isn’t easy.  Then I just open the morning paper………….!

    Bill – Because we are once again being governed by a shower of arselickers who are afraid to say boo to Europe.  What Europe wants, Europe gets.  Anyone know when the next ferry to Iceland is?


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