Making a bolt for it — 12 Comments

  1. Nice Do-it-yourself, GD.  I think you should toddle off to the village pub and celebrate with a few pints.

  2. Seeing as I have saved myself a few hundred, I think I deserve at least 50 pints?

  3. You, my friend, are a testament to all manly men everywhere. And to cheapskates too. Cheers!

  4. Sixty – I like to do my bit for the side [ … or is it ‘do my bit on the side’?  I can never remeber]
    Ian – The slab of steel is for somewhere to put the spare bolts.
    Cat – Thanks.  And by your definition I am a top professional.
    Paulo – Of course. And XXX,  though I wouldn’t advise drinking that.

  5. A great uncle of mind once spent an entire winter building a boat in the Granda’s garage. It was a lovely boat painted up with a stepped mast and everything.

    Come the day to wheel her out to get her down to the harbour for the maiden voyage and dopey Great Uncle realised that it wouldn’t go out the door as it was too wide by the beam and my Granda wouldn’t let him take the roof of the garage to get it winched up and over.

    It made a lovely pile a wood in the end. The dopey oul’ bollocks anyway. I read back in the 80’s of a man who got excited and paid 80,000 for a garage near Hampstead. Come the day when all the legalities were done his car wouldn’t fit in the door (a Rolls by the way).

    There’s a book in this somewhere. ‘Of Garages and Men’ by Wrong Sizebud.

  6. Thanks tt, now I just need to find out what high yield steel is, when it’s at home.

  7. Con – Strangely enough, I have a similar story – an uncle who built an ocean-going catamaran in his back garden.  It was only when he came to finish the project that he discovered he couldn’t get it out.  In the end, they had to fell a load of trees and get in an industrial crane to lift it over the house.

    John – It is only dripping with the stuff!

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