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  1. Gods’ (no error) honest truth this GD. I don’t change my clocks. Ever. Alarm, car, wall, mikey; none of ’em. Not eve my Mickey Mouse wristwatch. Works out pretty well, funnily enough.

  2. Zen quote from Yogi Berra

    Ball player:   “Hey, Yogi.  What time is it?”

    Yogi:           “You mean right now?”

  3. TT – I tried that a year or two ago.  Unfortunately the rest of the world refused to cooperate and I kept missing important things, like my daily top-up of Sharon.

    Willie – The strange thing is that that is exactly how I feel.  Sod the rest.  The time is NOW!

  4. Over here the time was put forward this morning and not yesterday like most countries. The reason being was that there were university entrance exams and the gobshites in charge thought the students would be stressed by the time change. Eh hello, delay the exam by an hour or if that is too difficult, hold them a week later. The complete lack of intelligence in governments still leaves me shaking my head and reaching for my shotgun.

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