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  1. GD the problem with that idea is that it is simple, makes sense and would work.
    Ergo, it will never catch on.
    Perhaps if you asked Brussels to approve it it might work. But then again, they would probably fuck it up before they agreed to implement it.

  2. That’s actually not a bad idea at all. But it won’t happen until the politicians can figure out a way of making money out of it for their mates.

  3. ” I think that is a stroke of fucking genius.”
    So do I !
    If you bought all the part-built houses for 1€ each, you could make a fortune from the film companies when they exploded them.

  4. Definitely one of your better ones Grandad,problem is getting past planners. environmental protection agency,planning appeals people , but at least the greens are no more so that should help .

  5. Damn!  If i had known it was that good an idea, I would have slapped a copyright on it.  Anyway, My idea is timestamped now, and any judge should accept this site’s honesty and integrity?

  6. First time of coming across your website and first time of being impressed with the ideas expressed. Our offices are in Glasgow in Scotland and it would be fair to say that a certain amount of estates in Glasgow suffer from a similar level of redundancy and desolation. The difference is that we already have several TV series filmed in Glasgow – not quite Hollywood material, but Taggart has a fairly solid reputation as a crime-related tv show broadcast to the public. Would be interesting to see if the ideas catch on in Ireland.
    Best wishes


  7. Normally I don’t allow comments from people who are blatantly pushing their own business, but I’ll let this one through [for the moment].

    You see, I’m on the lookout for some good criminal lawyers at the moment.  My own crowd have once again refused to defend me, which is a bit of a pain, as the case is up in a couple of weeks.  It’s a simple case of credit card fraud, and I swear I am completely innocent.  I am prepared to pay well, and can offer American Express, Mastercard, Access, Visa or Diners Club.  Interested?

  8. Appreciated that the post may have been more business-orientated than you’d like. Based in Scotland, we advise mainly on Scots criminal law in the Scottish courts not in Ireland – we’re on 0141 429 2262 if you need to get in touch.
    Best wishes

  9. Thanks very much for your very kind offer.  As far as I know I am not wanted in Scotland for anything.  And you needn’t worry about me – I managed to nobble the judge.  Heh!

  10. Congratulations on your success with the judge. Good to hear you’re not wanting in Scotland for anything (yet ;-)) but if you ever are, do get in touch.
    All the best
    Beltrami Criminal Solicitors

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