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  1. I think I’ll probably leave it to the youngsters.  They don’t want an old fart cluttering up the place.

  2. Who the fuck are these award givers, anyway?   How can one be awarded 2011 “Finalist” when 2011 is not even 1/3 over?  There is a basic assumption that the BLOG will be around for the entire year.  It’s like introducing a 2012 model car in 2011!  If it is an American-made car, the damn thing may not even run for the entire year.  The word “Finalist” has an ominous ring, does it not?

    tt..GD grumbles about going into the Village.

  3. “I think I’ll probably leave it to the youngsters.”
    Is that you saying you cant hack the pace any more?
    I am disappointed

  4. Willie – The sites are all judged by a panel of ‘bloggers’ [*spit*] who remain anonymous and who are not allowed to judge their own category.  It costs me a fortune in bribes every year.  They are called the 2011 awards to distinguish them from the 2015 awards [which haven’t been held yet].  They are not giving awards for the best site of 2011, a bit like the 2011 Oscars aren’t for the best films of 2011.  And the Car of the Year 2011 over here is apparently is the Nissan Leaf [never heard of it…] and that was awarded on the 29th November 2010.  Why do I always have to explain these things to you fucking Americans?

    BTD – Far from it.  I don’t want to embarrass the youngsters by showing ’em how it should be done.

  5. The whole fucking mess is still very screwed up!   It must be an Irish thing.   Why not give the 2011 awards at the end of 2011.  At least, the stupids OSCARS are given for the past year, not the coming year.  This is why I buy nothing that is less than a year old.  Some people say I am cheap. 

    Another question.  How many other blogs (!) are finalists?   If every blogger(!) is a finalist, what the hell does it mean?   Is Twenty Major a finalist?

  6. Aw Jayzus Willie!  What are you on about?  Let me explain..

    Are you sitting comfortably?

    Then I’ll begin.

    Around February each year nominations are opened for the blog awards.  Anyone can nominate any site provided it is Irish [or has a very strong Irish connection].  With me so far?

    Judges are selected from a pool of volunteers who then check through the entire list of nominations.  Because of the simplicity of the entry process, just about every bloody site is in there.  The nominations are then whittled down to the shortlists.  These were published yesterday.  Still with me?

    On the night of the awards, the winner of each category is announced, and from the list of winners, a Blog of the Year is chosen.

    The awards aren’t for the Best of 2011, more a case of Best Of Since The Last Awards.  As I said – they are called the 2011 awards, because it is 2011 and it’s an annual event.

    Usually there are a couple of hundred nominations, but these are heavily whittled down for the shortlists.  And yes – Twenty is in there.

    Got all that?

    It’s really not too hard.

    Just read slowly and you’ll be fine.

  7. huh?

    Do you win any money?    If so, can you help Miss Pat and me out with plane tickets to Ireland?  (Think about all to terse and pointed comments I have added to your 2011(!) AWARD WINNING BLOG(!), albeit in 2010.  Did I not willing to add to your BLOG(!) as a guest blogger and manage to piss off somebody? (Does not the Sara Palin blog rank as one of the 2010 blog highlights?)  

    tt…I need some help here.

  8. Willie : You’re on your own with this one Chief. Blog awards my arse. What a load of shite. The doddering old stoat would be more embarrasing than Kirk Douglas at the Oscars.

  9. GD where are all those fine upstanding Irish bloggy commenters?  Americans love you, Shorty!  (not really sure that’s a plus but there you have it)

  10. Well obviously more than one of us voted for you or you wouldn’t be a finalist – er unless all twenty finalists only got one vote?
    I’m talking rubbish again!  Ignore me – I voted for you anyway.

  11. Might be a bit pedantic, but whats the difference between being shortlisted and being a finalist?

  12. Willie – Sorry.  No cash.  It’s for the honour and the glory and a trophy.  If I win [*Hah!  Fat chance*] I’ll send some of the honour your way.  Or would you prefer glory?

    TT – Old Kirk didn’t do too badly for himself?  He has a cracker of a daughter-in-law too.  😈

    Brighid – I can never work out why Americans like me so much?  At the moment they are outnumbering Irish visitors by nearly three to one.  Weird.

    Meltemian – I’m not sure precisely how the system works, but I think all it took was one nomination to get in.  As far as I know, a site has to run the gauntlet of a judging panel to get onto the short lists.  And thatk you for your vote.  I really appreciate it.

    Sirvivor – I haven’t a fucking clue.  Unless there is yet another round of judging in which case I will have to change my graphic again.  *sigh*

  13. And congratulations to you too, Rabbit.  Are you going for a double this year?  😉

  14. Willy, there is no award for the bewildered valium sucking wife of the award winning finalist insane auld fart.
    He was banned from ever entering Norn. Ireland again, because………..

  15. GD –

    Sorry to be late to the party, such as it is…

    Congrats, old son. well done. Oh…and about Willie? We’re (please don’t ask who, but you remember who your adoption papers were signed by, right?) having him hit. He’s being a bit of a pest, even for an American.

    Herself –

    “…valium sucking wife of the award winning finalist insane auld fart.”

    Hear hear.

  16. Doc – Better late than never.  Willie isn’t a bad sort at all.  So how about just a wee drop of tar and feathering instead?

    Fuck!  I didn’t realise Herself had commented.  She must be relatively sober tonight….

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