Groundhog Day — 9 Comments

  1. I can relate.  The political crap over here never stops. 

    “Why we can’t just be like Belgium and scrap the concept of a government, I don’t know.  The Belgians seem to get along fine and I imagine we would too.”
    How the hell does that work?   It seems too good to be true!     Maybe I could trade my Irish tour books for one about Belgium.   But wait!    Isn’t Belgium part of the EU?   I have about 16 EUROs left over from the Paris trip.

    Hopefully, there is no CNN there.   How I do ramble.

  2. I would like to hear more about your village and the characters therein. They sound like an interesting lot from what you have touched on in the past.

  3. Bill – Window licking kitty?  Wha?

    TT – They are a common enough lot.  If it’s OK with them, I might elaborate a bit further in the future.

  4. Just read an article where some Irishman from the NO to Lisbon campaign (sorry can’t recall his name or which blog I read it on. Bloody brain cell) talking what seemed like me to be sensible but then I’m English not Irish… getting to the point he suggested that a way out of the hole would be for Ireland to leave the Euro zone and enter Sterling, the currency not the town!!
    Any thoughts?

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