A forgotten title — 9 Comments

  1. My forgetter is working overtime.
    But I have found an aid to remind me if I have to do something after a certain time.   I use a cooking timer.
    Superb, the bell rings after the required time.
    The big problem is that often I have forgotten why it was that I set the bloody thing !

  2. AG [Otherwise known as the Great Pretender??] – I use my mobile phone.  It’s one of those fancy ones that can be used as an alarm clock as well as a phone.  Trouble is that the fucking thing beeps at me nearly every hour.  Sometimes it’s quieter to forget?

    Thanks for the poem!  Brilliant!  And thanks for raising the tone of the site slightly with a drop of culture.

    Jim C – Do I know you?

  3. A fellow goes into the doctors for a check-up. The doctor does all the business and says to the patient ” I’m sorry to have to tell you that you have Alzheimers . The patient is shocked, but after a few moments he brightens up, looks at the doctor and says ” ah well, at least I don’t have Alzheimers”.

  4. Wife goes to the doctor’s. Doc says to her husband. “She has either Alzheimers or aids.”  “How will I know” he says.  Doc says “I don’t know but if she finds her way home dont fuck her.”

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