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  1. I heard them talking on the radio the other day about voting for the ‘best’ looking people. What muppets! By the way I just nominated you for the blog awards 🙂

  2. Now that you have mentioned the “shite” that is stuck up on the poles – they are quite dangerous too – today when driving home from the school run – car full of kids – the gusting wind blew one straight down onto my windscreen.  I got such a fright when I saw the flash of white hit the screen (lucky for me it was facing backwards or I might have got a BIGGER fright) – that I nearly drove into a ditch.  I thought the airbag had gone off! We were all rather shaken by the fright of it – so please, add “dangerous if not erected properly” onto the list…………

  3. Bill – No fucking way.  I’m not going to spend any more time than I have to looking at any of those eyesores.  I also have more respect for my camera.

    Val – Sadly that reflects on the tossers we have living in this country.  I wonder how Cowen got voted in though?

    Motherdear – I have heard of quite a few of the damned thing blowing down.  They are extremely dangerous, as the first instinct of any driver is to swerve violently and/or break hard, either of which can cause a nasty accident.

  4. Of course that’s the tragedy of politicians in Ireland when you look at the alternative to them FF feckers. Believe me its going to be more of the same. After reading your blog I looked at the FG web-shite and its all there. we are going to created thousands jobs spend loads of money we don’t have bla! bla!

  5. The state has been run on bullshit since 1937. If there was an EU grant for it we’d be richer than them Ayrabs.

  6. Peacock – According to the news today, there are record numbers of independents putting themselves forward.  Around 170 of ’em.  This should be fun!

    Con – I think the Plain People of Ireland are finally wakening up to the fact.  Leastwise it looks like some changes are on he cards.

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