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  1. Sadly your old drunk analogy seems perfect viewed from the green and pleasant land. Over here we have the silence of the warmists especially those in office.
    Still the PDF’s available on this page may be of use as Ireland and Britain are best buddies according to the Cameroid and Cowen and we are hurtling down the same path together even though Ireland is leading the charge.

  2. Nothing’s happening ‘except’ lousy weather and burst pipes? You could always try giving us some end-of-year philosophical meditation about the Meaning of Life or the Passing of Time. Or give us the recipe for making hot toddy, hot whiskey or German Gluehwein (tamely called  mulled wine by the Saxons – sounds watery to me), or suggestions about how to react to political canvassers who knock at doors come March. Verbal and physical reactions, practical suggestions please.
    Alternatively, I am mindful of George Bernard Shaw’s assertion that: Those who can do; those who can’t, teach. So if you’re going through a bout of the writer’s DTs known as Writer’s Block you could puff on the old pipe and write a few lessons on How to Write Cantankerous Blog Posts. Those wannabe writers among your visitors might pluck up courage to launch out on their own.
    Go n-eiri an bothar leat, if you can shovel away the ice and snow. Happy 2011.

  3. Bill – My hope is that 2011 will be fondly remembered as the Year of The Revolution.  It’s that little wish that keeps me sane.

    Gerry – Time enough to start on about elections.  I dare say we will have our fill of them in the next few months.  What makes you think that I have any great insight on how to write a “blog” [*spit*]?  My advice would be to just sit down and write the fucking thing.

  4. Nothing to write about ?

    What a load of bollix – to coin an expression !

    What about …..

    1) The behaviour of women since we gave them the vote.

    2) The behaviour of men since we gave women the vote.

    3) The uselessness of the vote itself.

    4) The 100 reasons that the sword is mightier than the pen today.

    5) Cork’s great victory in the football.

    6) The scandal of the existance of Boy Bands.

    7) The scandal of “Dancing Too Strictly”.

    8) Did I mention Cork’s All Ireland ?

    9) Nothing to write about ?

    10) What a lot of bollix !!!!

  5. John – As I said….  nothing to write about.  And fuck off with your mentions of sport.  Not allowed here.

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