Doldrums — 12 Comments

  1.     I could not agree more and wholeheartedly.  One good aspect of 2010 is that it is almost over.  In the USA, the television networks and cable outfits have this nasty little habit of showing all the “famous” folks that have kicked the bucket during the pat year.  Even listed is the birth date to the death date.  Hell, a lot of the poor blokes were younger than what I am!
        I suppose I should feel gleeful that I am not a statistic like those goners.  However, that would be really rubbing it in.  I’m not much into believing that those chaps and chapettes have any kind of knowledge that I am down here yucking it up that they have croaked, and I am still fulfilling my dream of continuing my nasty, earthly habits.  I guess I have finally kicked the guilt trip the Church attempted to impose.

  2. TT – True for ya  [As we say here].

    Willie – I tend to use both elbows.  One for the pipe and one for whatever liquid sustenance is to hand.

  3. I asked Santa to bring me a warm fire, my old cow dog at my feet, a leather chair, a cigar, a glass of MaCallan, and a fine man,  one out of five isn’t too bad….  Life is Good…

  4. Brighid…I wonder which one of the five Santa brought?  But, never mind, it’s none of my business.  Happy New Year, everyone.

  5. Willie:  Your right not your business… Happy New Year to all of us.

    tt:  more like $1,000 here -S/H/Tax…    under 30 yrs is just a baby scotch

  6. There’s a major storm brewing here.  The local store is out of toliet paper, cigs, bread, beer, batteries diapers, and milk.  Thankfully, there was bottle of booze left (that stuff from Scotland with the sailing ship on it.  I think it’s bottled in Newark, New Jersey).  So much for Global Waming.

  7. Grandad, I never thought I would hear you say “……..One thong that pisses you off is……,” and here I thought I knew you ever so slightly.  Never has a thong pissed me off unless of course it is worn by the wrong female body type.  Oh well I digress, Happy New Year.

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