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  1. Now if you can only get on telly with that Jim Corr chap the message will be out.
    The Irish would rightly be lauded as a nation of hero’s across Europe, the continent.
    With the exception of those europhiles in government, naturally. They need bankrupting and made to live on ‘state aid’. Shooting whilst easier is too good a fate for them.

  2. Now you’re talking.   Lets have it over quickly for once and all.  Just wait a tick while I cash in my savings with Santander tomorrow.

  3. I get up each morning and hope to god I would find Ireland defaulted in the headlines. It would be doing us all a huge favour in getting rid a of a whole raft of europhiles and loathsome ruling elite.

  4. Jayzus!  I have just been listening to the gubmint’s four year plan.  A sure fire recipe to stick us well into recession for the next decade.  Time to start researching an alternative Head Rambles Manor in some sunnier non -EU climate!!

  5. We need to adopt a more robust approach when negotiating with these foreign invaders, we need to end sentences with
    “or you can go fuck yourself”, “or we’ll fucking default and pay nothing” etc.

    We should demand that the loan we need be extended on terms of no more than 2%, or see above. Even publicly implying we may default would fuck the Euro beyond repair, so why not threaten it.

    We should also introduce them to our new 10% corporation tax rate, to be applied for the 1st 5 years to all new start up business or to businesses that move here from abroad especially from other EU countries.

    Every time they complain, we should just shout “Default” at them until they back down & fuck off back to their NAZI bunkers in Berlin.

  6. “We all partied” says Lenihan as i watch Miriam here. Speak for yerself, your bankers, and your cronies – arrogant ******! Hitting the worst off and telling them it’s also their fault.
    Oh, and great idea Lafsword – 10% corporation tax, love it.

  7. Yes indeed.   Some excellent suggestions.

    Thanks for the link, Mick.  I am well and truly tickled!  [glad he got the text of the speech that I sent him too]

  8. I have nothing flip to say about this mess.  It is again, the little guy, taking this tragedy in the shorts.  None of the “Western” countries are being, or will be, spared from this drain caused by banks, governments,  and investment firms.  Shame on them all and on us for allowing them to carry on.  Someone is making billions!

  9. Remember Goldman Sucks were involved in the Greece before it too went bust.                                                 I bet now with Ireland they will make billions, who was the person having secret meetings with the Irish government none other then Peter Sutherland who [you guessed it] works for Goldman Sucks.
    Goldman Sachs; 24 Sept 2010. Irish Times.

    One bright spot for the Government today came from a research note by Goldman Sachs Group which said Ireland was “very unlikely” to experience a financial crisis as severe as the one that forced Greece to seek an international bailout earlier this year.
    “A repeat of the Greek debt turmoil in Ireland is very unlikely,” Michael Vaknin, a senior fixed-income strategist at Goldman in London, said.
    “With Irish spreads already at all-time highs, we would argue that refinancing risks in the Irish debt market is aggressively priced-in already.”

    This I got from this site more interesting stuff on there..

  10. Goldman Fucks are the same company who paid $550million in fines to the US govt earlier this year after being caught packaging shit sub-prime mortgages which they knew were roughly worth one joe duffy and getting another department to talk them up as brilliant investments to clients.

    That company should be broken up. They are behind every arsehole attempt to avoid financial regulation worldwide and would think nothing of forcing a population to starve to get another nought on a commission cheque.

    The Calabrian Mafia operates with more integrity.

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