Leave my hole alone — 8 Comments

  1. The city here has been installing new potholes and some of them are pretty stunning.  I wonder if they are imported!

  2. Toyota and other Japanese car makers always like to test their new models for chassis, shock systems and power steering performance on worst scenario roads. Suggest you you negotiate a contract for their test drivers to use your lane during off peak hours. Otherwise try placing composted turf injected with injected mushroom spores into the potholes. IDA grants might be available if mushrooms are for export.

  3. Potholes? you should count yourself lucky you actually have roads up there to have potholes in.
    After the big freeze earlier this year all we have left in places are dirt tracks.

  4. G’dad, did you check for tourists at the bottom of the potholes before they (the potholes) were filled in?

  5. Brianf – They are probably some of mine.  Check the labels and see if they say “Made in Ireland”.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    Gerry – Too late.  If my memory serves me correctly, one of the tests them foreigners do on their cars is based on Irish roads.

    Robert – Here we go – “My hole is bigger than your hole” and all that shite.  I call it The Lane, because it is a spare stretch of mud between two hedges that cars try and drive on.  It is purely an honourary title.

    Mossy – Count yourself lucky.

    Willie – They started before I got up today.  Most of the stuff I had intended to dump had already been dumped.  The rest can wait for the new potholes to grow.  As I say – I reckon on about two weeks before I’m back in business.

    TT – Heh!


  6. I’ve some high explosives left over from a previous raid. Perhaps you could use some make your own? Funny thing though. A new crop of potholes showed up on my road almost overnight or they might as well have since I dropped the front end of my old Jeep into one which broke both front struts the other morning.
    These had to be imported. I mean, they had bits and pieces of American tourists along with what was obviously foreign shopping bags at the bottom of them.

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