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  1. One of the biggest problems with our political system is the ‘Parish Pump’ mentality.
    When push comes to shove and there’s an election, thousands upon thousands of fucking idiots vote for their local FF candidate who did them a favour over the years without realising that to do so will mean another FF government. They might not want an FF government

    “But sure, he’s a nice lad/lass and they were good to us so we might as well give him an auld vote, I wouldn’t vote for any of the rest of those Fianna fail bastards though.”

    That sort of mentality.

    There are also the morons who vote for FF because their parents, grandparents did so. Or the I knew his father brigade.

    It annoys the life out of me, especially back in 2007 when FF got re-elected. I couldn’t find a single person who stated outright that they voted for them.

  2. I agree.  That is one of the reasons I would advocate a complete separation of local and national politics.  A councillor should look after the local interests and a TD should look after the national stuff.  I swear these gobshites would still vote FF even if the party was disbanded.

  3. The opinion polls are pointless – when it comres to the actual voting, everyone knows that the old primitive instincts will return and the same clientelist, nepotistic exponents of cronyism and cute hoorism will be returned 🙁

  4. They’re precisely the same brain-stem dead bastards who support & vote Labour over here Grandad ..

    They make plankton look clever …

  5. TT – I have never been a party animal, preferring instead to go for individual policies.  I have never voted Fianna Fail and never will.  I have on occasion voted for Fine Gael and Labour candidates but on the strength of their policies and not their parties.  In my book, I vote for these people because it is the only option open to me.  To not vote is not an answer.  The best party?  There isn’t one.  They are all pretty much singing from the same song-sheet.

    Ian – Sadly you are right.  I do think though that FF are going to lose some of their hard core this time around.  The rest of the hard core should be certified.

    Haddock – I have followed your crowd with interest.  With all due respect, I think our crowd could out gun your lot any time for sheer greed, ignorance and self interest.

  6. Couple of weeks ago on radio – lady saying she would vote for her local FF TD as he had 10 children in his family and she had 10 in hers. Dunno what to say about that??

  7. Please, please Grandad .. not “my” crowd ..

    I despise politicians of all stripes .. but reserve an especially vitriolic hatred for those of a socialist inclination ..

    I think any person who expresses an interest in entering politics should be taken away & quietly disposed of, as being dangerous to the rest of us  ..

    The vast majority of politicians would, in the real, grown-up world struggle to hold down jobs as ASDA trolley collectors ..

    Born in 1921 after a difficult pregnancy, the Republic of Ireland quickly became popular around the world. Famous for her literature, music, gastronomy and friendly nature, she was especially well regarded in the United States of America, New Zealand, Australia and Canada where her unofficial birthday of March 17th was celebrated with gusto.

    She was a fine sporting competititor as well as a participant in the field of culture, and her output in sports and the arts belied her resources and standing in the world.

    Her early and middle years were marked by an uneasy, some would say, abusive relationship with her church. It was a testament to her strength of spirit and courage that she was able to assert her own rights and beliefs whilst maintaining a close relationship with the church that had harmed her.

    Relations with her half sister, Ulster, were more troubled. Regular bickering had almost escalated into full scale violence on a number of occasions, as both sisters dragged old indiscretions and arguments to the fore in a manner which gave friends and family great cause for pain. Thankfully, towards the end of her life, relations between the half sisters, who shared a common mother, were better than they had been for longer than anyone could remember.

    In 1973, she married infamous bigamist, European Union. At first the union was very fruitful, especially for Ireland, and she blossomed, becoming one of the most successful wives in the household. However, following the taking of a dozen new wives by European Union in the early part of the century, Ireland found that she was no longer the youngest, prettiest wife and the relationship started to suffer. In 2008 it appeared that the relationship had broken down, however Ireland reconsidered divorce, admittedly under pressure from her husband, in 2009.

    Her last days were marred by financial problems of the sort which sadly also marked the demise of fellow wife Hellas. She died in her sleep last night, just shy of her 80th birthday. She is survived by 4.4 million children, and will be missed greatly by countless millions more around the globe.

    The funeral will be a private affair. Please, no flowers.

  9. I think you’re missing an important point, Grandad: take into account all the actual FF members and their families. Then take all the so called businessmen, bankers, developers, lawyers and other people who never really lost any money, despite the crisis. And their families. Now, Ireland is not a big country and this people must add up to something like 10% of the population.

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