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  1. Heh heh .. You & just about every other Pipe smoker I’ve ever met Grandad ..

    I’m fed up with replacing re-fillable “Clipper” type lighters ..

    I tried a fluid-filled version of the almighty “Zippo” Pipe lighter .. but the smell of the fuel, whilst “drawing” on the Pipe made me throw up ..

    If you ever discover the perfect beast .. you’ll become a legend amongst we “happy few” .. we “band of brothers” .. we “dwindling breed” .. 😉

    PS .. Please let me know ASAP if you ever do … 

  2. Just buy a Zippo and be done with it.  Anyways when you buy a Zippo you keep a Pennsylvanian employed.  They’re made up in Bradford, PA.

  3. Haddock – To use a thoroughly obnoxious modern idiom – I shall keep you “in the loop”.

    TT – I am a man of the times [you gotta keep up with the times].  Also I reckoned that lighters are less “environmentally friendly” which is a good enough reason in itself.

    Brianf – Heh!  Sorry, but I agree with Haddock on Zippos.

  4. Just bought a couple of pipes meself. A briar and a corncob. It’s been….interesting. I have dozens of lighters, mostly from Africa (some with strange extras), but I thought I would start out right and buy in some Swan Vesta’s.
    I got through eleven boxes lighting my first pipe. I’m hoping that is some sort of record, and that awards are involved.

  5. Stroll on “Ranty” ..

    You trying to de-forest Norway all on your own ?

    That’s why I don’t use matches .. they were costing me more than the bloody Baccy (which at UK prices, is saying something) ..

  6. my god the age old question of what do ya want for christmas. I thought you got an eletronic pipe last year no? did i dream that invention *shakes head* no im sure you got one of those. Hmm my mum keeps asking me me what i want for christmas but i dont think that she could smuggle in eric bana wrap him up in fancy paper and ut him under the xmas tree now that would be a 2 woman job to to that. But i think what i would like for xmas myself is a safe a healthy xmas and a happy new year. Failing that i would love an xbox and an xbox connect but we shall wait and see. I dont suppose you want a nice zippo lighter granddad have one here going spare and i dont smoke and herself giving up the smokes.

  7. I do indeed have an electronic pipe, which I puff occasionally.  It wasn’t a present though.  🙁

    What is this push on Zippos?  You all seem determined I should have one?  Thanks for the offer though.  I really appreciate it!

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