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  1. “They can put me back in jail”???  Surely not,a kindly soul like your goodself has never seen the inside of a cell? Anyhow,im 100% behind you on this one,no fucking way am i going to pay for something i have already broke my bollix to pay for in the first place. See you in mountjoy Grandad.

  2. Well I disagree with you that taxes are moral. 
    With that said we have ‘property taxes’ here in Pennsylvania.  If I didn’t pay the tax on my house they eventually would have me evicted and then sell my house for the amount of taxes owed.  You read that correctly.  Every once and awhile you hear about some old lady who owes back property taxes and is being evicted and her house is being sold for a few thousand dollars.  My house was bought for $140,000 and I paid about $2,400 a year in “RENT” to the county.  These property taxes go to fund the local public school district as well as the county government.  So my property tax money is spent on failing scholls and to fund yet another layer of government.
    Property taxes are nothing more than rent paid to the government!

  3. How much will the Golden Circle pay in property tax? Fuck all because I bet there will be an exemption for properties registered as owned by companies abroad.
    And the Golden Circle know all about exempting themselves from Irish taxes.
    Look for the exemption Grandad- there’s bound to be one for the inside crew to avoid paying anything and use that.

  4. Whoa there,
    90 billion in debt we are, and 5-7 billion cuts on the way. So where’s our new taxes going to go? Health, education, garda, waste collection, fire services…? none of these ‘ll see a cent. Nope, it’ll be foreign bond holders, international investors, black hole banks, and all the other gamblers who took a punt on Ireland Inc!
    We’ll be like Paddy Power doing a santa impression – and yep those inner circle guys do still believe in him!

  5. We don’t have a “television license” but we do have property taxes here. Just so you know. Okay then.

  6. Frank – Could you arrange to get sent to Wheatfield?   Believe me, It’s a hell of a lot nicer there.

    Brianf – I agree and that’s why I qualified it.  When I say taxes are reasonably moral, I mean that some sort of argument can be made for them.   And consider yousel lucky that your taxes go on schools and local government.  Most of ours are going to line the pockets of speculators and gamblers in Germany.

    TT – Jayzus!  Bring back the fucking landlords.  At least we would know who we were dealing with.

    Cap’n – Property taxes won’t apply to them as they life on a different planet.

    Mick – 15 billion.  Those investors must be laughing their socks off.

    John – If you own a device capable of receiving televisual broadcasts, and that device is in Ireland then you are supposed to have a licence.  I’m surprised that they have never copped on to the fact that you can watch television on a computer now.  Heh!

  7. Why not just go to jail?     No rent, free food, free medical care, free tv, free heat, limited family time.   Great until Guido, the Horny One, shows up as cell mate. 

  8. Willie – Why is it that there is a snag to everything?  Life’s a bitch, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be Guido’s bitch…

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