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  1. I know what it is that you forgot. You forgot to fix The Other Fellow’s site. It’s down you know, with a database error. There, Now don’t you feel better?

  2. “I sat down for a while to think about all the things that I should be doing, and I came up with a big fat zero” I’m sure Biffo has that thought every day. Two things go me going over the last few days. [1] That crook Fitzpatrick has fixed it that his pension [he awarded himself]  half is paid to his wife so the   creditors cant get hold of it.  I hope she f**** off and leaves the parasite. [2] Fine Gael may join Fianna Fail what a waste of space they are.

  3. Kirk M – Thanks for fixing the other site.  You did a grand job.  J won’t writing today – couldn’t be arsed.

    Frank – Were we discussing something?  Damn this memory.

    Peacock – An excellent point.  I think I would make a much better leader than Biffo, with my incpcity to remember things.  There again, a fucking worm at the bottom of my pond would make a better leader than Biffo.

  4. @Willie – If it’s the herb I’m thinking of it doesn’t really help the memory at all but it makes it a hell of a lot easier dealing with the loss of it.

  5. “The only thing I could think of that I hadn’t done was to update this site.  But that’s not important.”
    So, we are not important huh! My flabber is gasted that you should treat your loyal and loving followers in such an offhanded manner.

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