Coronation Street — 7 Comments

  1. If it’s any consolation, you’re boring the arse off us (me) as well.
    For today’s ramble: MUST DO BETTER.
    You should watch Eastenders instead – another load of shite.

  2. Jayzus!  Even reading it over again made me fall asleep.  Eastenders?  Nah!  They’re all too fucking miserable.  As for Fair City – seeing as I had to pass that fucking street every day on my way into the office, the last thing I want is a reminder of that kip.

  3. My ex missus used to watch “Street” ..

    Would “Twang-Neck” be the same old boiler who used to wear the big fuck-off, Bukkake specs too ? .. 😉

  4. You’re right about Coronation St being a dangerous pace, but not as bad as Oxford when Morse was there – smartest detective in the country and there were murders every week

  5. Haddock – That’s the one.  Another jailbird too.

    Ian – Not as bad as Midsommer? Every villager must have been murdered several times over by now?

  6. Well, I wrote a comment here and somehow it go lost before I submitted it. Now I can’t find it and even worse, I can’t remember what it was. All I recall is it was rather witty and well written–but now it’s gone.

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