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  1. Soon… soon they will be a mere little splat on the history of this Isle a bit like a flies arse on a car windscreen. Consigned to the history books as the biggest political joke in Irish politics since the founding of the Republic.
    Every time Eamon Ryan waffles on about rural broadband I find myself screaming at the television or radio that 3G is not broadband.

  2. they will be a mere little splat on the history of this Isle a bit like a flies arse on a car windscreen

    That is an image that cheers me up no end.  Heh!

    Incidentally, have the U.S. taken over Cork?

  3. Nah. I’m at work. Our internet gateway is in the States. When I saw the flag at first I cried a little.

  4. Bit by bit, step by step, i find myself looking at our political class and mentally demoting them into some sort of irrelevance. When i hear comments like ‘it doesn’t take rocket science to get us out of the economic mess’ i can’t help thinking it wouldn’t have taken rocket science to avoid getting into it in the first place either.
    The role of a public representative – to protect the public interest etc…
    It all comes across as a dereliction of duty to the point where our government is at risk of becoming the monkeys dancing to the EU organ grinders tune (if not already there). Monkeys are interesting to watch up trees and can be quite entertaining, but monkeys in Ivory towers…?
    Reckon the best thing is to get on with life, find our own way, and consider what goes on in the Dail as a bit of a sideshow. When I feel they’re truly representing the ordinary person again i’ll reconsider.
    Anyway that’s my rant for the day!
    Oh, and rural broadband – did ye hear about the FF TD a few weeks ago who said something about Cork having an ‘Information Superhighway’ – gawd that brought me back a couple of decades! 🙂

  5. I was once a Green voter myself. At their annual conference which preceded the last general election, Gormless was in fine voice during the Leader’s Address, ranting on about a disgraceful place known as “Planet Bertie”. This evil planet, he told the faithful assembled, was darkness personified and the font of all that was malignant and cancerous in the Irish body politic. Strange things happen on Planet Bertie he said –people sign blank cheques, receive brown envelopes and are mired in corruption of all kinds . . .blah, blah, blah.

    After the general election it turned out that the only thing that had been wrong with Planet Bertie was that Gormless wasn’t on it! But that was quickly rectified and the rest is history. I blame the Greens more than FF for the misfortunes that have now overtaken us. Without the Greens propping him up, Cowen would be now on the back benches along with his predecessor and Planet Bertie would be in NAMA land.

  6. Fianna Fail is what you get when you put a tie on a pig-farmer who has a large family to support. The Green Party is what happens when you invite him to bring his favourite pig along.

  7. Great piece Grandad 7 years ago I moved to South East Asia where we don’t have any of this green bollocks.
    If I have old newspapers to get rid of a man in a lorry calls around the area and will give me a few dollars for the lot, he makes a bit of money I make a bit of money there ends my green commitment.
    The problem with people like Ryan and Gormless in another time they would be under lock & key in the loony bin. But sadly today they are loose of the public WHO VOTED THEM INTO OFFICE don’t forget that.
    They dream up all these mad-cap ideas in the back of the gas gosling limo or on the gas gosling government private jet. Bring in some thing that effects their life style and they go back under the stone.
    Like why don’t they take public transport or have a government hostel of out of town TDs.
    Another problem when they do get kicked out of office they will be made senators so ye will never be rid of them. Green is about getting more money out of people that’s why I know in the UK all these energy companies who have been fleecing the consumer for years are now investing in all these wind farms.

  8. Robert – Will you please stay still?  All this transatlantic flying is damaging the climate.  Heh!

    Mick – Our government has been dancing to the Eu tune for many years now.   It is patently obvious that the number one priority is satisfying our masters in Brussels to the detriment of the country.  And I thought Cork did have an information highway?  Didn’t they open the Fermoy bypass not so long ago?

    Seamus – If I remember correctly, one of the great platforms that the Greens canvassed on before the last election was to get Fianna Fail out of power.  They hadn’t a good word to say about FF, and they picked up votes on that basis alone.  As soon as the results were in, they just couldn’t change their colours fast enough.  One whiff of power and they were in like a shot.  Fucking hypocrites. –

    Con – The limp side salad beside the Fianna Fail main dish?  😉

    Peacock – The Greens here don’t give a flying fuck for the environment.  They have one goal and that is to remain in power as long as they possibly can.  Several times they have voted against their own conscience just to prevent an election.  The ultimate arselickers!

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