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  1. of topic but…
    quick Google Street View gone  live today !!!
    check it on google earth
    jesus could Ireland be coming out of the dark ages

  2. John – Old news!!  Heh!  The bastards might have let me cut my lawn first!  😉

    Mossy – Don’t worry.  90% of the country still isn’t covered by decent resolution.

  3. TT – For fuck’s sake!  Don’t rub it in.  What’s far worse is that 25% of the population are still insane enough to vote for them at the next election.

    Becky – Nice and delicate?  😉   Clusterfucks is another.

  4. It kinda urks me when people, who have been educated in Ireland by the tax payers feck off to other countries to live / work, but now at this stage, I don’t blame them 🙁

  5. And still there’s no blood on the streets. No wonder the Brits were allowed to stay for 700 years – pity they went!!!

  6. hey granddad have to say that i love your blog piece today. So i hear that you have run out of words for this little wankers and bastards that have ruined this country. so how about we tie up these fuckers stab them with folks and la push them off a big cliff. this insult actaully works well in any given situation but it also works well for those who hate the twilight books. well forks is the place where the twilight story is set and la push is where everyone goes cliff diving. but just so you remember that you can tie these idiots who have runied this country to an office chair stab them with forks and we will la push them off a cliff. if all else fails i could oraganise a pack of hungry dogs who are due a really good feed. roast bankers for the dogs anyone. if all else fails we could get a fitzpatrick and burn him at the stake.

  7. ah the stuff  I am educated at from you and your readers Grandad. I’m a new person here… a couple weeks now. And am enjoying the shit out of your ramblin’s.

  8. A few new faces?  Welcome one and all.  I was watching them again on the television last night and the billions were flowing like a river in flood.  Maybe we should insist on our politicians count up to a billion before they spend any more?

    Marianne – So this place is educational?  I have heard the site called a few things but never that!

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