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  1. and they’re only youngsters as well – Guinness was 250 years old /last year/.
    I’m still waiting for the Smithwicks 300-year celebrations… where’s my free pint?

  2. What is it you like about Guinness?  The carbon dioxide or the nitrogen? You should find yourself a good cask conditioned ale rather than that mass produced and overpriced swill. Do they have CAMRA in Ireland?

  3. Kae – Of all the varieties of piss that is served out there, Smithwicks isn’t the worst by a long shot.  I have been known to partake of a pint or two of that.

    TT – I presume you have never indulged in the Black Stuff here in Ireland?  If you had, you wouldn’t make cracks like that.  The stuff they send over to you lot is the watered down dregs.  Only right and proper too.

  4. The stuff they send over to you lot is the watered down dregs.  Only right and proper too.

    Tee, hee. Agree 100% – good enough for them. ‘Mercins (mostly) wouldn’t know a decent drop of any beer.

  5. Anything endorsed by that walking sack of shite Geldof just has to be a load of old bollix ..

    That said, I do enjoy a drop of the “Black liquidation” myself .. 😉

  6. 8. Does Guinness taste better in Ireland?
    We’re not going to debate the precious memories of your drunken nights in a cozy pub in Ireland, but the fact is that draft Guinness for the U.S. is brewed at St. James’ Gate, right alongside draft Guinness for Ireland. Sure, it has to travel farther, so there may be some minimal degradation, but if you’re having a subpar pint in the States, it’s probably just that your friends aren’t as charming or interesting as the Irish, leaving you more time to overanalyze what’s in your glass. That, or the bar you’re sitting in doesn’t keep its beer lines clean enough.

  7. And, finally, the alcohol content of Budweiser is higher than that of Guinness. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  8. Being from the world of PR you may find this the pot calling the kettle black but well said Grandad, I too hate Arthur’s Day and all the commercialism it stands for. What a loads of bollocks. The country is recession, pubs are struggling, and the number of pints sold are at a new low, so Diageo decides to invent a plastic holiday right slap bang in between the end of the Summer and the Halloween bank holiday just to boost their sales and be seen to be helping the pubs. It’s my birthday tomorrow so I have a good reason for a drink, but it still disgusts me.
    tt –  If your Guinness is made at St James’s Gate then unlucky because it doesn’t travel well. And Budweiser is absolute piss – end of.

  9. Considering they made such a big deal about it last year, that it was Arthur’s day blah blah blah, I was surprised that they moved it from the 24th to the 23rd.
    An anniversary that moves. 
    Could be a handy precedent to use, should you forget the wedding anniversary.  Just tell herself that you thought you’d move it this year.

  10. Haddock – Don’t tell me that wanker advertises Guinness?  That would nearly put me off my pint!

    TT – Maybe it is all brewed in the same place, but the lads down the brewery don’t piss in the kegs bound for Irish pubs.  And even Budweiser admit that their brand is dray-horse piss.  Just look at their advertising.

    Welcome Simon!, And a happy drunken birthday to ya.  Mind you – you forgot to mention the real reason pubs are closing.  😉

    Bucko – The last time I was in the UK I had to teach the woman behind the bar how to pull a pint.  It was great as I got all the pints she nearly got right.

    5h4mr0(k – That is a neat idea.  Would you like to suggest it to herself?  I thought not……

  11. But….I liked the Mardi Gras – as a visitor to Ireland was fun to have a pint in the local pub at 17:59!

  12. Fortunately Grandad .. the walking advert for Irish sartorial & hygienic elegance that is Geldof, doesn’t actually advertise Guinness (yet) ..

    But Google “Arthur’s Day” & you’ll see that He, along with several other Toss-pots endorses the “commemoration” …'s_Day

  13. I drink pints of Arthur here in Montreal and while it’s not bad it’s definitely different than the pints I have whenever I’m  ‘ home’. The explanation I got from the owner of my Montreal local was that while the local and export brews both come from St. James Gate, the beer for export is pasteurised to give it a longer barrel life and to stabilise it  for long distance shipping. Don`t know if this is true but it sounds reasonable. Slainte.

  14. Groandad how very dare you suggest that Guinness is a pint of plain. Or indeed imply to all and sundry that it is your only man.

    I’ll have you know that Guinness is now a premium beer. Which means Day-Glo or whatever crap made up name they are called nowadays since getting busted on a share-fixing scam can charge more for it.

    I’m told that a couple of years back Day-Glo even tried to charge pub owners for the little beermats with Guinness advertised on them that your new Celtic Tigger Cocktail d’Arthur 1759 perches daintily upon.

    Shame on you for recalling a day when Guinness was the cheapest pint at the bar and the working man’s drink of choice. There’s a reason why Cork bars are selling a hell of a lot more Beamish than Guinness these days y’know. And as my boss at Day-Glo tells me confidently to say its because Celtic Tigger Cocktail d’Arthur 1759 is after a better class of customers these days. Yer Ivor Callely’s and so on.

    Onward d’Arthur! Onward Day-Glo! This time next year we’ll all be millionaires and have a pint in our hand.


  15. it even looks beautiful there in its glass – even before you’ve had anything.

    and that about sums it up.  🙂

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