How to cough — 3 Comments

  1. There are a couple of things which trouble me about this article in the Irish Times  Grandad ..

    The first being the name of the Doctor in charge … Dr Fidelma Fitzpatrick .. If one is anti-communist, then I wonder whether one takes one’s chances being treated by her ? ..

    As one does if one allows her to give you Antibiotics .. I’d  always thought that “proscribe” meant to declare illegal .. to ban by Law ..

    I wouldn’t have any problem attending a course on  “How to cough” .. provided that the obligatory testicle cradling was carried out by a good looking Nurse, wearing stockings & suspenders .. 😉 

  2. In fairness i was in hospital for a week only got out a few days ago and the nurses / doctors where great very helpful didn’t even kill me or take anything essential by mistake….yet anyway

  3. Haddock – No worries about Fidelma.  Sure isn’t it a grand old Irish name!  Ask any of the Castros of Sligo.  I think what they are trying to do is to proscribe the MRSA virus and turn it into an illegal organisation.  That way they can arrest it on sight?  Mind you, proscribing the IRA didn’t work very well.  * wanders off to dream of young nurses fondling my jewels *

    D – With a bit of luck you may even have received a bonus?  Next time you go through airport security all those scalpels and scissors they left inside you will play havoc with the metal detectors.  Hope it was nothing too serious anyway?  [Can’t have been or you wouldn’t be wasting your time here!]

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