Sunday lessons — 10 Comments

  1. Reminds me of an oft-told family story ..

    Apparently, when my late Father was a toddler, back in the early 1930’s .. he had a “naughty” Uncle Albert (who, allegedly was a bit of a reprobate) .. and who used to give my Dad a ha’penny every time he said “Bugger” …. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Haddock – I like the idea of a bit of bribery.  I must give that a shot [until it gets too expensive?]

    Popeye – The other words were too rude to write here.  I don’t want to shock anyone.

  3. spot on you ol …. or is it …. ? either way the little one will be able to now hold her own in this f…up’ed crazy as sh.. world of ours!

  4. ” I must give that a shot [until it gets too expensive?] ”

    Fair point Grandad ..

    I shudder to think what a Halfpenny (sterling) at 1930’s value would equate to in today’s Euro .. probably, nigh-on a wheelbarrow full .. 😉

  5. hee hee sounds like a fun day at headrambles manor. now i will take a turn and show the kids how to do grand thef auto alice cullen style. all they need to do is be charming and smile a lot. i think puppy child would have no problem in doing that

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