I have to prove I’m not a teenager — 15 Comments

  1. Haha! I know the feeling. I thought I was going to be arrested when I asked for a packet of paracetamol AND a packet of Nurofen Plus the other day. Love your rambles.
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  2. It sounds like bad comedy. Talk about needless overreaction! I have to wonder if the supermarkets will let it slide as the fuss dies down though.

  3. Come on, HR, tell the truth and shame the Devil.
    Which supermarket was it?
    My money’s on Tesco Ireland.

  4. Welcome to the strange world of ‘blogging’, Rosemary.  🙂   My local chemist knows me well so things aren’t too bad on that front, though anywhere outside the village, I think it would be easier to buy strychnine.

    Marcus – I’m hoping it’s a one day wonder all right.  If they think I am going to faff around with identification in my own home, they can think again.

    Welcome Spartacus.  [Jayzus but it’s getting like a Latin class in here]  Only two supermarkets do Interweb deliveries here – Tesco and Superquinn.  It wasn’t Tesco!  Heh!

  5. These days, it’s sometimes easier to obtain illegal drugs such as cocaine or cannabis than the legal ones. It’s getting absolutely ridiculous.
    As for these ID checks for someone wanting to buy something such as alcohol online, I don’t believe that’s necessary at all. Your credit card company or your bank (if using your debit card) will already have done identification checks in the past for you to get your bank account or credit card. That should be sufficient enough evidence that you’re old enough to purchase the said product.
    But as ever, the simple solution is never implemented.

  6. Unbelievable. I heard about a man being refused a couple of bottles of wine in one of the larger supermarkets recently because he had his six year old daughter with him. What, are we supposed to leave the kids home alone now so we can buy the wine for the Sunday dinner without anyone suspecting that we’re unfit parents? I don’t even have kids and that one drove me bonkers.

  7. Grandpa, may I put a RSS link to your blog on and a couple of other web sites.  One is, give you the names so you can check them out, the last one has just started but it is about lifestyle, when we get it going good and you blog is really so much about everyday living that it would fit in really good. Your getting a lot of fans on this side of the pond.

  8. Reaper – I think their argument is that I may have robbed my father’s credit card to place the order.  [Reminds me of the sign in the pub – free drinks for all over 80s.  Must be accompanied by parents]

    JA – Are you seriously saying a bloke was refused a bottle of wine because his daughter was with him?  Did they think her was buying it for her?  I know what I would have done in his shoes, even if it were a traumatic sight for the child!  😈

    BK – Feel free!  I’m flattered.  I think some people are getting a little bit pissed off at my smoking topics though?

  9. Your fans in the US are not getting pissed, we love your smoking comments as well as all the others. People seem to just have to find something to get pissed off about or at anyway, So it may as well be me and thee, gives some of the other a break.

  10. If he’s old enough to drive a van and have a job, then he’s old enough to lie and say he saw an ID and not be bothering old codgers. The  “not allowed to use his own discretion” line is bollox too,  its not fucking Orwells 1984 yet, man the fuck up.

  11. Don’t mind stu Head Rambles…you’re not an old codger! I mean just coz we’re over 18 doesn’t mean we’re codgy-ish

  12. i honestly dont know whether to laugh or cry myself. the same thing happned to me when to get a bottle of jack 2 weeks back. the same thing happened the other night when i went to a can of red bull. i went into a 24 hour garage the other night to get myself a can. so when i placed the order in. this little uppity idiot of a girl kept saying red bull was bad for me. I just looked at her and said you know all the make up on your face is bad for your skin do you actaully need to use a pain scraper to take the muck off. she just stood there in silence. i think we both know how to handle dead brain idiots. in fact when it came to learning what i know now about i life i learned from the ebst and i learned it from you.

  13. You’ve got it all wrong. He was taking the piss. His true motivation was to have a laugh at your ID photo, because word has been going round that it’s… well… there’s no other one like it. Apparently.

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