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  1. The men in the white coats would have a field day if they could get their hands on him.

  2. Robert – It would make a very interesting study for a thesis all right.  I think it’s John Gormley?

  3. i remember the first time i got that drunk too…he’ll be right after a couple of days sleep..

  4. Doug – He has been writing to me for a very long time.  If it’s the drink, he is one hell of a binger!!

    Ranty – Certifiable.  Probably sectionable!

  5. Sounds as if he should be sharing a “rubber room” with Gordon Brown ..  🙂

  6. GD, you now rank No’1 on Google for ‘foxcon31 security system’ !

  7. Mick – Shit!  That means Mossad, the KGB and every other mob is going to be after me for The Big Secret?  It’s a curse the way I rank so highly.

  8. No shit, Sherlock – a Lamborghini landed in our drive during last night’s heavy rain – wouldn’t mind so much if it hadn’t been lock – protected by some super duper software program which I couldn’t access.  Got some wide boys from Swansea to tow it away this evening – probably be on a spare parts shelf by dawn tomorrow !!! Just goes to prove that oxy-acetylene hacks through anything ……doooooooooohhhh

  9. If it was Pinky and the Brain instead of George Lucas he was collaborating with, I’d believe him.  Mouse overlords are more  fathomable.

  10. Good grief GD…… you do attract some interesting types.
    But lets be fair and thorough. Hmm,  apart from the ‘God’ bit and the Gregorian calender and… well.. (shiver) the rest of it ….
    No. That’s fair and thorough enough. Definately a fruit cake!
    (To Captain Haddock – perhaps it is George Brown?)

  11. I nearly wet myself at the “chronological folly of your gregorian calender” This bloke is a few sausages short of a coddle. It does make me question the mind/sanity of a person who spews this guff on a regular basis. I wonder does he have any family/friends? Doubtful, very doubtful.

  12. As a longstanding student of academic literary criticism, an opponent of deconstructionism and misguided postmodernism, and an advocate of the conservative school of ‘practical criticism’ (I.A. Richards, Denis Donoghue, F.R.Leavis, Frank Kermode et al) I wish to make two simple observations. Either the communicator is a new gifted writer in the zany style of Myles na gCopaleen or James Joyce (was it Riverdance or Finnegan’s Wake?) or – and this requires for confirmation ‘close reading’ of thousands of website postings – he is a mischievous ‘plant’ and ‘fifth columnist’ of the Bilderbergs, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, Opus Nopus or the Trilateral Commission. These well-heeled and articulate people will stop at nothing in their wily quest for world domination of financial, literary and intellectual thinking. Block all comments and seal all keyholes this instant. They’re out to get control of your, and our, brainwaves.

  13. One of the things that concerns me about his Gospel is the line about the world not existing before 1977.  Is that when he was born?  Does he think he invented the world?  If he is right, then I have problems, as nearly half my life has suddenly disappeared.

    Or is he so obsessed with Star Wars that his life only started when the first film came out?

  14. that would be the latter Grandad, when Star Wars came out. So is he suggesting that George Lucas himself did not ‘exist’ before 1977?
    I wouldnt insult Myles na gCopaleen by putting this knob in the same league.

  15. The FBI (sorry, fbi) are protecting him. The CIA will assassinate anyone who tries to find his internet address (though what could we do if we found it – email him to death?). Obviously he’s American, and quite important.
    I reckon he’s George Bush, with way too much time on his hands now.

  16. Listen to ye all, disbelievers to a tee. Why are ye so sure in ye’re own beliefs or lack thereof.
    What if the man is actually right – all your bridges burnt and no going back.
    You can’t dent his existance so why deny his message.
    Scary stuff.
    Grabbing a tenuous link to this post I have one good take the piss moment to relate.
    Went to the local snooker one night and was met by the local hard man who informed me he was feeling a bit down. Buried his granny the previous Tuesday, says he.
    Oh, says I, was she dead…
    Very long silence followed.
    I still live. I still breathe.

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