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  1. I can relate to every single statement you made about Sandy. Whoever says animals are dumb, are morons.

    My black lab that lives in Dublin with my mother was the most fidgety little bitch but if I or my sister were sick and sprawled across the sofa she would gently jump up and lie on top of you lying absolutely still. I firmly believe they KNOW when you are not well. How else can you explain those dogs that assist epileptics when they are about to have a seizure?

    My two cockers here are headcases but each have their own characters. These two were certainly not bred to be gundogs but you can tell its still in their blood: everything is picked up and brought to you whether you want it or not, shoes, plant pots, wellies, you name it.  After a shitty day almost nothing compares to spending 5 minutes patting and tickling those two little buggers as an instant mood lift.

    If it wasnt for our cocker Jasper who died a year and half ago i would not have got together with my husband. As soon as I came to stay with the family that dog never left my side and slept with me every night, often in between hubby and me to make sure there was no jiggery pokery.

    You are getting me all emotional now Grandad x

  2. Becky – Some dogs are undoubtedly as thick as planks, but others are extremely intelligent.  Sandy has a way of talking that quite plainly indicates what she wants, whether it is food, a walk, or just that she cares.  She senses moods very accurately too.  If I don’t feel up to a game of tennis, she won’t ask for one.  People who have never lived with an intelligent dog [I avoid the word ‘owned’] will never understand just how clever they really are.

  3. Martin – She is rather a striking looking dog [though sadly she’s getting a little grey these days] and is a fantastic babe-magnet.  It is rare that I can sit outside a coffee shop without at least one woman cooing over her!  🙂

  4. Sandy sounds lovely.
    That was the name of my first dog 🙂
    We recently got a new member of the family, he’s settled in really well….but like Sandy I can’t leave him….he cries (and I ain’t talking about the hubby).
    I reckon they should sell dog slings so I could carry him around in a sling….like people do with babies. I actually think dogs are more hygenic then babies 😉

  5. Those adoring eyes – so humbling. Makes you feel totally unworthy.
    When my cats (no nasties about felines, please!) looked at me like that, I would rush to feed them extra meat…..hmm….. I wonder….?
    Just kidding! It’s obvious Sandy really loves you GD.

  6. Val – I know all about Rocket! [I do read your site, you know?]  He is the image of our Zoe who died around eight years ago.  Sandy still cries when she sees a tan Jack Russell.  Dogs are not only more hygenic than babies, they are actually preferable to most humans.

    Geri – Those eyes are my downfall.  She has a disconcerting habit of just lying and staring at me.  It’s quite unnerving sometimes.  Cats, incidentally, are the one species that Sandy will not tolerate.  Sorry!

  7. Oh Grandad, the dog love of my life just went to heaven. I literally just wrote my last post about it. I’m shook Grandad. It’s terrible. Poor little Fionn! My heart is broken.
    Sandy looks lovely, give her a big kiss from me. Just pretend she is Sharon.

  8. Jen – I just read your post and a little bit of me died.  I know how you feel and Sandy and I are sending you lots of Karma.

  9. I’ve met a lot of people in my.  I’ve a lot of dogs in my life.  On the whole, I like the dogs more.

  10. Now that’s a lovely picture. First time I think I’ve seen the whole of Sandy and I love the way she’s smiling up at the camera. Reminds of my #1 dog ( and best friend) of my past. Her name was… Well, if that doesn’t beat it. Her name was Sandy also.

  11. Kirk – She looks a bit bedraggled there.  She was moulting [yet again – about the fourth time this year] and that always makes her look a tad dishevelled.  I must include the tip of her tail the next time.  It;s one of her good features.  I might have guessed you’d have a dog called Sandy!  😉

  12. It seems that you and Sandy have the same introspective intelligent look in your eyes.  Enjoy the touching of each others soul!

  13. John – How the fuck do you know what my eyes look like?  Have you been doing your Peeping Tom act again?

  14. Obviously Mountjoy didn’t do much good so it will have to be the landfill.  Can’t have Peeping Toms around.  Makes Herself nervous.

  15. I definitely do not want Herself nervous, makes for a bad day.  Remember when momma’s happy everyone is happy!  How in the hell did women get so much power and influence???  We think we control, but don’t kid yourself we respond to their ways and god forgive the man that forgets.

  16. When Herself gets nervous she starts attacking things – usually the neighbours.  There was a nasty incident last year when she firebombed a neighbour’s shed.  I thought it was a bit of an overreaction, as it was only a tiny spider, but there you are.  It’s best to keep her calm [and sedated].

  17. The effect thunderstorms have on dogs is amazing.
    My current companion “Suzie” is very friendly to dogs {& humans} but goes apeshit when she hears thunder or other loud rumbles / noises ~ hackles raised, she barks aggressively at the source of the sound.
    My previous companion “Bosco” was an aggressive little bollix towards male dogs {but reasonably OK with humans out of uniform ~ apologies to my fear poist !!} ~ he was scared shitless during thunderstorms with exactly the same behaviour as Sandy.

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