Computers are stupid — 9 Comments

  1. sorry to be the smart arse, but Linux probably /is/ the solution.
    for those Windows programs that you can’t live without, the solution may be to install your Windows installation as a virtual server running within Linux. that’s how I do it, anyway.
    get Sun’s VirtualBox – it’s really simple to use.
    that way you get to use your Windows stuff as usual, but you also still have a working system after it blows up yet again.

  2. My laptop got a drink spilt all over it. I dried it out and tried all the computery things possible; I even offered to pay someone to fix it, nothing happening.
    In the end, I stuck it in the airing cubboard and then my dad kicked it. Worked like a charm and is still alive today. Computer couldn’t have told me to do that, sillyt thing.

  3. Ciaran – Yes.  [*fucking smart arse*]

    Kae – Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t I still have to install Windows in the Virtual Box?  Square One?

    Weirdo – I must say I have always found the lump-hammer to be the best tool in the toolbox.  I may give this machine a couple of whallops tomorrow to see if I can fix it….

  4. @Grandad – well yeah, but at least now it’s sandboxed – if Windows explodes, you can shrug and just reload the virtual server. You don’t lose any hardware or access to the Internet or other vital stuff, because Windows was running basically as a program inside another working system.
    also, because it is now bloody annoying to load up Linux and then Windows, you’re tempted to leave Windows to just those programs that only run in that, using Linux for everything else, making your normal computer use just that little more safe by default.

  5. ‘strue – it’s too nice a day to get geeky on stuff.
    I’ve got beer to drink, and this technobabble is keeping me from it

  6. As my old man used to say “computers are only as smart as the people who use them”

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