Why I prefer shopping on my own — 7 Comments

  1. What town is Skobieville supposed to be?
    Shower: lay floor tiles on concrete not cement.

  2. TT – Waddya mean “What town is Skobieville supposed to be”?  Skobieville, of course.  As for the floor, the floorboards stay.  I may remove a few of the splinters though.

    Becky – Nah!  Bray is waaay north of here.

  3. As someone once said “Women changed forever as soon they started putting windows above kitchen sinks”

  4. I really like the way the screen scrolls down to the last comment. Very snazzy.

  5. Holemaster – I couldn’t agree more.  I never should have let her watch television either.  Too late now, I suppose.

    Holemaster – It’s a feature of the site.  [*wonders what the fuck he’s talking about*]

    TT – A base for the shower?  What’s wrong with the floorboards?  All I have to do is drill a couple of holes to let the water drain.  The old tub is grand, hanging on the outside wall.  Why wouldn’t I keep it?

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