What a load of shit — 9 Comments

  1. I saw a man scooping crap into an empty lunchbox once.  I hope he confused it for last night’s Irish Stew.

  2. Depends on how liquid it was?  Reminds me about the woman who had a whiskey bottle full of urine stolen [she was on her way to the hospital with a sample].  Heh!

  3. Some people can lose the plot a bit when they start talking just for the sake of it. Might be time your friend took a break from doing that stuff.

  4. My hubby had an unfortunate incident involving an unscooped shite and his brush cutter while clearing brambles on a property he manages. On contact with the brush cutter the shite spattered everywhere. He works his guts out making sure this property is well maintained for these pricks to walk their dogs only to be sprayed with shite when keeping their footpaths clear. Poor guy was banned from his workshop til he was hosed down with the pressure washer.

  5.  My neighbor’s dog crapped on my stoop once.  Strangest thing ; the dog vanished the next day. That evening I enjoyed a very nice meat vindaloo at my friend Rao’s Indian restaurant.

  6. Becky – It is a well known fact that manure is essential for strong growth.  I bet your hubby bloomed magnificently that summer?

    TT – Do you play golf?  I find a sand-wedge to be ideal for lobbing tog turds over into the neighbours.  For God’s sake don’t use a wood though.  You are liable to annoy the neighbouring parish.

  7. They now have little designer containers of the FULL poop bags. My dog tends to be a bit precious about shitting in full view of everyone so she normally goes behind a tree. So do I, in fact.

  8. I just can’t agree with you on that, Grandad. Certainly, using security cameras for chasing secret poopers is a crazy idea, and dangerous for the future, but I think that dog owners should be collecting their dogs’ shite. In the cities. Come on, you live in Wicklow (envy mode on)! It’s not a concern for you. But it is truly different in a big and busy city.

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