Installing a shower — 8 Comments

  1. TheBigYin – Ah Jayzus!  You spoil her.  A fucking jacuzzi?

    TT – Why not?  Yiz are usually behind anything daft.

  2. I read somewhere once, that England’s Queen Elizabeth I took 4 (!) baths a year. She must have been yummy to cosy up to.
     But America wasn’t even colonized then, so in all fairness, it wasn’t their fault that time.

  3. Geri – You have just proved my point.  A bath four times a year [or less] was grand until America appeared on the map.

    Mick – I doubt I’ll notice the difference.

  4. Of course it’s our fault… again!!
    What isn’t these days.  I guess it was George W. Bush that screwed it all up huh?
    You see there is a reason we always park up wind of you Grandad… If that’s your real name!

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